Craig Foss

Craig Foss

Age : 46

Address : 26 10th St. W. Unit 809, St. Paul

Family : Single

Education : Hamline University School of Law, St. Olaf College: major, mathematics, political science, graduated with honors

Employment : Currently solo practice doing court-appointed attorney work in family law area, legal aid attorney in Alexandria, Minn., from 1998 to 2012

Contact :, 320-815-2820

Why are you running?

I am legally blind. I was laid off from my job as a legal aid attorney in 2012. Since then I have been trying to find work. I have found that legally blind attorneys are not in great demand. I have done job interviews where the interviewer has asked me if I would need to be led to the bathroom or led around the office. I have done other interviews where the interviewer has taken my arm and led me around without asking if that was necessary. After four years of doing interviews and not getting hired, I decided to see if I could get elected to a job.

How can a voter decide who is the best candidate for a judicial position?

The voter needs to vote for the candidate who shares a similar judicial philosophy. Experience means nothing if the experienced judge disagrees with the voter’s judicial philosophy.

What is your judicial philosophy?

I tend towards the libertarian side. I believe the judge should apply the law to the facts and make a decision. It is not the judge’s job to rewrite the law or give the words of the law strained meanings to fit the judge’s political beliefs.

What expertise, talents and character traits would you bring to the judicial position?

I bring the logic and analytical skills of a mathematician. The law would be much easier and more understandable if all lawyers were mathematicians. I bring a dispassionate application of the law to the facts.