With nooks crammed with cushioned couches and low-light chandeliers, Fat Pants Brewing Co. aims to make its customers comfortable above all else, owner Elizabeth Anderson told Eden Prairie News one week before the city’s first brewery opens to the public.

“It feels intimate and cozy,” Anderson said.

The brewery will host a fundraiser for the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, Nov. 21, followed by a soft open for ticketed customers on Saturday, Nov. 23.

Everyone else will be able to taste the brewery’s chocolate milk stout, Prairie Pounder lager, brewed hard lemonade and Shirley cherry whit on Monday, Nov. 25, Anderson said.

A few features make the brewery stand out in the space: A cement table designed to look like Eden Prairie’s old graffiti bride, which will soon be decorated with murals of Prince and Pink Floyd; a painting based on René Magritte’s famous man with an apple blocking his face, but in this case, it’s a hop used to brew beer; and a 2-ton truck that the owners gutted and repainted to serve as a counter for patrons to order pizza and food that the brewery will serve.

Behind the scenes, there’s a small classroom with a brewing set-up a 10th the size of the massive tankards that Fat Pants uses to brew its beer. That’s where visitors can sign up to learn how to brew at home, Anderson said. She and her family started out as home brewers and they want to pass on their knowledge, she added.

Fat Pants Brewing will open to the public on Monday, Nov. 25. It’s at 8335 Crystal View Road in Eden Prairie.