Duck Hunting

Minnesota’s waterfowl hunting season gets underway Sept. 21.

As fall hunting seasons kick into full swing − waterfowl season began Sept. 21, and deer season will come in November − a lot of attention is given to the camaraderie and tradition of Minnesota hunting.

Less exciting is the task of disposing of your ammunition after a hunting trip. Luckily for Eden Prairie residents, that bag of unused ammunition is one trip to the Eden Prairie Police Department away from not being your problem anymore. Hunters can bring their unspent ammunition to the EPPD’s front desk on the lower level of 8080 Mitchell Rd., where evidence technician Kyle Duchschere takes over.

Eden Prairie’s police department doesn’t have facilities to dispose of ammunition on its own, Duchschere told Eden Prairie News, but they’ll take residents’ waste and bring it to the Bloomington Police Department, where that department’s bomb squad takes care of it, he said. Just be sure to bring the ammo in a bag or box rather than carry it loose when you deliver it to EPPD, Duchschere added.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources encourages hunters to use non-toxic, lead-free ammunition in all hunting, but it’s specifically banned for hunting waterfowl, the DNR’s website says. Lead that ends up in natural habitats can negatively impact wildlife health and reproduction, and using lead increases the risk of ingesting it in game eaten by hunters and their families, the website says.

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