Letters to the editor-Eden Prairie News

A plea to all drivers in vehicles. I like to bicycle for exercise during the warmer season. I can not tell you how many times I have nearly been hit by cars just this season so far. I bike on paths where sometimes I have to cross residential streets. I'll use Pioneer Trail, near Flying Cloud Airport, as an example. Just the other day, I could have been hit four times in a 5-minute span if I hadn't been paying attention. The common denominator is either drivers roll through a stop sign or fail to look both ways and just assume that no one is coming. They are always surprised to see me, or worse, they don't even care. I would like to apologize to one driver that day that bore the brunt of my frustration. She looked very young and I frightened her when I shook my fist. But the majority of drivers should know better. So please look both ways and yield to the bicyclist when they have the right away. Thank you.

Kent Smith

Eden Prairie