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We are volunteers. We are citizen lobbyists.

On June 11, over 1400 of us, including 35 from Minnesota, lobbied the U.S.  Congress for climate action. We paid our own way, and we came from all over the world. Many of us arrived in Washington, DC, three days early to get education on a huge range of climate-related topics.

There are 435 representatives, 100 senators, and 6 U.S. territories, totaling 541 congressional offices. Of those 541, we had visits with 529. It was our largest lobby day ever.

We are polite, even toward those who disagree with us. We are nonpartisan. We are conservative and liberal, and everything in between. We are focused on putting a price on carbon, with the revenues returned to all U.S. households based only on family size.

What we are lobbying for: The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763). This bill was introduced to the House at the end of January. It puts a steadily increasing price on greenhouse gases. For most families, it would return more in dividends than the resulting increase in prices. Six years after passage, a family of four would receive over $200 per month in dividends, and that amount would continue to increase. Winners would include anyone who has an average or below average carbon footprint. Families can also win by finding ways to reduce their footprint. There is an exemption for fuel used in agriculture. Rural communities would benefit. The bill now boasts 48 cosponsors, but, sadly, only one of them is a Republican. We simply must find a way to engage all legislators on this great defining issue of our age.

For climate activists, it is the worst and best of times. The scientific data is ever more frightening, but the ability of human communities to form around challenges is inspiring. If you are interested in fighting for a better climate for our children and grandchildren, please consider joining us.

We are Citizens' Climate Lobby.

Scot Adams

Eden Prairie


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