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Did you know last spring the Minnesota House passed the Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) Bill (HF 1414)? It mandates that all Pre-K-12 public/charter schools must teach either an approved Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) model CSE curricula or one that complies with their approved model curricula. Therefore, if anyone believes districts would retain local control over their sex ed curricula, they couldn’t. Their "choices" would be limited to only what the MDE approves.

So, what would this look like?

The bill requires schools to “provide students with information about local resources where students may obtain medically accurate information and services ...” This means students can be referred to Planned Parenthood without parental consent for an abortion as a minor. Why do we know this is true? Because parents in California fighting CSE are raising terrifying alarms right now. California teachers are being trained how to “excuse” minor students for such services without their parents knowing anything about it.

The bill states the model program “must” include “medically accurate instruction" that is “age appropriate” regarding “consent, bodily autonomy ... diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.”

Planned Parenthood provides much of the “model” curriculum and lobbies heavily for CSE here and all over the U.S. One of Planned Parenthood’s model curricula is a book called "It’s Perfectly Normal" for children ages 10 and up. In this book, children are taught they can have safer oral, anal and vaginal sex as long as they use a new condom or barrier every time. They are taught that multiple genders and gender fluidity are facts. They are taught that masturbation is perfectly normal and that people of all ages do it. The section on abortion focuses on abortion law and all the reasons one may want to remove the embryo or fetus from the uterus. Not once is there mention of the devastating emotional distress and physical damage many suffer after abortion.

Most parents don’t object to age appropriate value-neutral biological facts and information for kids about their bodies and risk factors. But this mandate requires teaching concepts, practices and beliefs that are not value neutral, and most parents would agree that much of this book is not appropriate for fourth-graders. Nor are the pictures. Did I mention the pictures? When the book was first exposed, our local evening news considered them too illicit to air. If this concerns you, you should do something about it. There is a ProtectKidsRally at the Minnesota State Capitol on Sept. 22, rain or shine. Go to the rally. Be informed. Connect with other parents who are seeing first hand the emotional distress and confusion their children are experiencing because of CSE. Visit ProtectKidsRally.com for more information. But most of all, remember that you know what is best for your own children and should retain the right to decide how and when they learn about certain things. But mandates like this will strip your rights away.

Bonnie Gasper

Eden Prairie