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We have a responsibility to be good stewards of creation.

Together, I believe we can and must respond to climate change with economic growth. All stakeholders need to be involved. Consider these facts:

  • June was the hottest June in the history of recorded temperatures, remarkable because an enormous amount of energy is needed to warm planet earth even 1 degree.
  • July was the hottest July in recorded history.
  • Paris reached 109.
  • Worse, the record-smashing heatwave in Europe moved to Greenland, melting 197 billion tons of ice into the ocean in July. In the first two days of August, another 23 billion tons of Greenland ice were lost. The scale of this melt is alarming because scientists projected this to happen not until 2070.
  • China spews massive amounts of pollution into the air — 241 Chinese cities have high PM2.5 air pollution concentrations at 40 or higher, as do another 55 cities worldwide. Cities in China are so polluted that pollution is like fog. Humans are the cause of this dangerous pollution that causes greenhouse gases.
  • Exposure to air pollution kills 7 million people annually.
  • Even worse, 31,000 square miles of tropical forests are destroyed every year; that’s the size of South Carolina. Another 150 acres are destroyed every minute — 20% of the earth’s rain forest has been destroyed. This is insane! Forests provide habitats for life. Trees clean the air of greenhouse gases. Trees exhale oxygen. Yet massive deforestation continues to occur.

The earth over time adapts, but earth has never faced these extreme human causes.

Overwhelmingly, the scientific community believes we are experiencing significant climate change caused by human behavior. The last decade was the warmest decade ever.

We have to act. There is only one earth. Animals cannot respond. We are responsible for God’s creation.

Here’s what we can do.

In life, studies show that two to four actions in a situation usually generate the most value. What are the two to four things we can best do?

  1. Innovation is the key. We can discover new solutions. We have and we can!
  2. Reverse the extreme deforestation. Protect habitats that also protect endangered animals, because we are responsible, right? Let’s brainstorm. I know that land for livestock farming is a cause of deforestation. Can we plant millions of trees?
  3. Dramatically reduce the amount of pollution spewed into the atmosphere. What do you think? Maybe we could tax the use of fossil fuels and then give 100% of the money to workers; then it is not a tax since we get all the money. That would create incentives, competition and innovation to use less fossil fuel energy. It would cost us nothing.

It would create wealth in the form of more energy assets because of less depletion of those assets.

What do you think? I feel responsible and ethical. And you?

Todd Carlsen

Eden Prairie


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