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The new Scheels sporting goods store being built at Eden Prairie Center is slated to have a Ferris wheel, 16,000-gallon aquarium, and even a deli serving treats and fudge, soups and sandwiches. The company's goal is to attract families from far and wide to visit this soon-to-be flagship store. However, I am deeply concerned by the inclusion of a gun and hunting shop that, according to a 2017 Scheels press release, will "have the largest selection of guns in Minnesota," including military grade assault rifles. The store will open directly into Eden Prairie Center. As of Aug. 5, there have been 255 mass shootings in the United States as defined by the Gun Violence Archive as "any incident in which at least four people were shot, excluding the shooter." I understand the chance occurrence of something like that happening are slim, but why should we take that chance? Why should we make it easier? Have we learned nothing from the recent and horrifying shootings in Gilroy, Dayton and El Paso? It is unnecessary and wrong. I urge both Scheels and the city of Eden Prairie to reconsider and I strongly urge others who feel the same way to speak out.

Rachel Cleveland