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I am supporting Debjyoti ‘DD’ Dwivedy for the Eden Prairie School Board election.

I am an entrepreneur and a longtime resident of Eden Prairie, my son went to EP schools and therefore have firsthand experience of seeing the school organization closely.

I would like to stress the fact that I am not writing to support a person of the Indian origin as I belong to, but I am here to support someone whose profound understanding of EP school issues have impressed me. In fact, I have never met DD in person until he knocked on my door during a cold rainy late September evening. His Bison shirt (I’m also a graduate of NDSU) made me challenge DD saying that I am not going to support him only because of our common origin and school but will only do so if I am convinced about the candidate and objectives that he will be working on.

He explained to me his vision at my doorstep and then more in-depth after I invited him to join me inside. We spoke for nearly 45 minutes and he impressed me. His outlook on smart spending approach, improving collaboration with local businesses to help the schools build future generations of the workforce and so on, was forward-looking and so I invited DD over to a discussion with a bigger group of my friends and community members. DD’s strong side is his understanding of policy making and collaborating with people to get things done. I came to know that he has been volunteering in several national and local non-profit organizations for common sense fixes on immigration. DD is also currently a member of the City Conservation Commission.

After all the above discussions and talking over the phone, I am confidently and solidly supporting DD’s vision (it aligns well with my vision to give it back to community and make EP still a better place to live) and platform for his bid to the EP School Board election this year and proudly hosting his yard sign.

I’m urging lot of my neighbors, family and friends to vote for him on Nov. 5, 2019, and would appeal to all the Eden Prairie residents to support Debjyoti “DD” Dwivedy as I strongly believe that in USA it does not matter where you are coming from but it matters where you are going.

Sunil Shah

Eden Prairie


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