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As a mom of two kids in EP, one in elementary and the other in high school, safety has always been a primary concern. Not just physical but also their digital safety. Students access to the world through district provided iPads and MacBooks has always raised a concern for digital security.

I’m happy to support Debjyoti “DD” Dwivedy as a candidate for Eden Prairie School Board. I’m assured he will champion for Eden Prairie School schools in the areas of technology and school safety because of his technology background and disciplined commitment thanks to his service in our military.

DD’s ideas of expanding industry partnerships to create more internships for juniors and seniors will give our students information and experience to be competitive and head start for them as they make decisions towards college, trade and vocational schools.

I want a fiscally sound school district. I believe this can be done and prepare our students to excel in upcoming job markets. I agree with the policies that DD speaks about that would define individual priorities for students as well as measure their outcomes to best serve each student. I believe he is dedicated to balancing the quality of our schools with being competitive and making EP one of the reasons people choose to move here.

I believe anyone who wants Eden Prairie schools to reach a new level of competency and quality, would find Debjyoti “DD” Dwivedy is a good choice. I am voting for DD and encourage others to.

Carrie Van Beusekom

Eden Prairie

Melissa Turtinen is the community editor for Lakeshore Weekly News and Eden Prairie News. She's passionate about adding context to stories and informing people about what's going on in their community. She enjoys being outside, traveling and good beer.