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My name is Adam Seidel, and I’ve been proudly serving on the Eden Prairie School Board for the last four years. This fall, on Tuesday, Nov. 5, I’m humbly asking for your vote for reelection.

Eden Prairie has changed a lot over four years, just as it’s changed a lot since I moved here 27 years ago. What’s never changed is Eden Prairie Schools’ commitment to world-class education. Our focus on the achievement of each student has allowed us to teach time-tested lessons to modern kids. I’m dedicated to continuing educational excellence in EP Schools and preparing our kids for their next step into a 21st century world.

It takes over a decade to educate an EP kid, and carefully planned resources must be available. My greatest responsibility on the board — to both our students and our taxpayers — has been ensuring our tax dollars are spent carefully and effectively. I’m incredibly proud that Eden Prairie stands on some of the strongest financial ground in the state. While other nearby districts face cuts, Eden Prairie students enjoy fully funded classrooms and Eden Prairie residents enjoy some of the lowest property taxes in the metro.

World-class schools are the key ingredient to Eden Prairie staying a great place to grow, raise a family, and thrive. I’m honored to have played a small part for my first four years on the School Board and hope to continue that service with your vote for reelection on Nov. 5.

Adam Seidel

Eden Prairie