Dear community members,

I am DD, a first-generation American, running for the Eden Prairie School Board. Serving the vibrant multicultural community of Eden Prairie would be an honor and I would like to introduce myself to the esteemed readers.

After completing my college in India, I earned my master’s degree in computer engineering from North Dakota State University. Throughout my student life, I have always been active in student community organizations, leading several initiatives on campus. Currently, I am working as an enterprise cloud manager in a technology company in Minneapolis. I am proud to call the wonderful community of Eden Prairie my home and hope to raise my family here.

My passion for serving the community led me to enlist in the U.S. Army Reserves in 2015. At present, I am awaiting direct commission as a first lieutenant. In addition to my service in the military, I lead the policy and strategic affairs initiative for Immigration Voice, a national nonprofit volunteer organization, which is currently working on commonsense bipartisan legislation like H.R.1044 & S.386 in the U.S. Congress. I also serve as the Board of Directors for Green Card Voices (a Minnesota-based, nonprofit volunteer organization) and currently serving as a member of the Conservation Commission for the Eden Prairie City Council. I was on the board of my homeowners association at Hartford Commons.

Through my diverse community service experiences in various leadership positions, I hope to bring a unique perspective to the board. Having worked on commonsense bipartisan immigration reform for years, I am confident that I will be a catalyst for open dialogue across differing viewpoints to reach pragmatic solutions. The city of Eden Prairie is welcoming a new and vibrant multicultural population. If elected, I intend to be the voice that will help to bridge the gap between the board and the various communities. I aim to collaborate with other members of the board and the superintendent’s cabinet to do what is best for the kids, the taxpayers and the community. I strongly believe that shaping the future of a community greatly depends upon how our public schools are run. With this conviction, I am seeking a seat on the Eden Prairie School Board.

My primary focus will be to ensure that kids in the schools are safe — both in their physical and digital environments. I want to ensure that the students are well prepared to be a part 21st-century workforce, feel inspired to take the next step and no one is left behind.

So, the members of the Eden Prairie community, I humbly ask for your kind support and vote this fall in the election on Nov. 5 to serve you, your family and the educators towards a better future.

Debjyoti “DD” Dwivedy

Eden Prairie


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