Quality can mean a lot of different things to different people, but most would agree that the word generally implies stability, long-lasting, made-well, high-performing and/or exceptional. Quality communities can be even more difficult to define. Yet, visit any metropolitan major city in America and people on the street will give you a list of the “quality” communities within their greater area. In the Twin Cities, Eden Prairie always makes that cut. And being on the quality list is worth far more than just bragging rights!

Sustaining the value of our homes results from maintaining and enhancing all of the reasons we chose to live in Eden Prairie in the first place. That just can’t happen without continuous re-investment in our parks, schools, and public infrastructure. An added benefit to keeping our schools strong is the societal gain that comes from high-quality local schools producing well-educated graduates resulting in an engaged citizenry.

We have the opportunity and privilege to vote on May 14 to sustain and strengthen our present quality school system. Between changing demographics, educational best practice improvements and aging infrastructure, many of our buildings require updates. Far from reading like a list of “wants” or “likes”, this referendum is a culled-down inventory of needs and requirements.

I hope you will join me in voting yes on May 14 for the Eden Prairie School District’s Referendum for Building Safety and Improvements. Vote “yes” for our children, “yes” for quality schools and “yes” for all that is good here in Eden Prairie!

Mayor Ronald Case

Eden Prairie