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Eden Prairie Animal Control is looking into a report that a dog bit another dog at an Eden Prairie pet hospital, according to Eden Prairie police.

The incident happened at around 5 p.m. on July 6 at Banfield Pet Hospital, 11200 Prairie Lakes Drive, Katie Bengston, a spokesperson for the department, told Eden Prairie News.

One dog allegedly bit another, requiring stitches, according to a post the bitten dog’s owner posted in a Facebook group for Eden Prairie residents to share news, ask questions and find local businesses.

Banfield Pet Hospital declined to comment “out of respect for client confidentiality,” senior communications manager Ryan Bartholomew wrote in an email to Eden Prairie News.

Katie Heathcote is a certified professional dog trainer and leads behavior and training at Minnesota’s Animal Humane Society. She said dogs may act aggressively toward other dogs for many reasons, but without knowing the dog in question, it’s hard to give specific advice. She offered some general tips for keeping dog-to-dog interactions peaceful.

“The first thing that we recommend is that dogs are not greeting each other on a leash,” Heathcote said. Dogs naturally circle each other when they meet for the first time, and being on a leash can be stressful because it prevents them from moving around naturally, she said.

If dogs are meeting on a leash, keep an eye on their body language, Heathcote said: “Loose and wiggly is good, but keep things moving and brief. Stiff bodies and hard staring don’t lead to anything good, so just say no to that greeting and move on. Pulling back on the leash or keeping it tight often increases the tension of the situation and escalates it.”

In 2018, Eden Prairie police received 36 calls about animal bites. This year, as of July 10, there have been 19 animal bite-related calls.

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