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In one hour, Eden Prairie police stopped 20 people illegally using the carpool lane the morning of May 16, including one motorist with a felony amount of drugs, according to a Facebook post by the Eden Prairie Police Department.

According to the post, “one guy waved to (police) as he drove down the ramp. Unfortunately for him, he was in possession of a felony amount of drugs.”

The department did not share any more information about the drug investigation.

The unusually high amount of citations were part of an “enhanced and focused effort” targeting carpool lane violations at U.S. Highway 212 and Mitchell Road, according to a department spokesperson.

A spotter is used to look into cars and communicates with officers, who stop the vehicle to confirm the driving violation, the spokesperson wrote in an email. Of the 20 stops, the department wrote 19 citations. One driver wrongly believed he could use the carpool lane because he was a MNPASS holder.

During peak travel times, transit, motorcycles and vehicles with two or more people can use the MnPASS Express Lanes for free, according to MnDOT’s website. Single drivers with a MnPASS account and a MnPASS tag pay a fee to use the MnPASS Express Lanes during peak travel times.

“Many motorists have complained about seeing this violation frequently and appreciate seeing the enhanced efforts by police,” the spokesperson wrote.

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