Squad lights

A man who allegedly fired a gun inside an Eden Prairie residence and ran has been charged with one-count dangerous weapons-reckless discharge of firearm within a municipality, according to the criminal complaint.

Eden Prairie Police were called 1:10 a.m., July 12, on report of a gunshot at a residence along Lee Drive in Eden Prairie. People inside the house said 21-year-old Dolal Bayle Idd fired the gun when he was at the home earlier. Idd’s mother said he isn’t allowed in the house because he “scares the children.”

The criminal complaint says when he shot the gun in the basement, there were two young children sleeping on the same level.

Idd’s brother, 16, said he came home from the gym earlier and went to his bedroom. Not long after, he heard the shot and saw Idd run out the house through the sliding door in the basement. A gun magazine and box of bullets fell from his pocket as he ran. The younger brother then found a spent shell casing.

Idd’s mother and sister were upstairs when they heard the shot. His mother said she believes he came in through the basement. Officers found a bullet hole in the shower wall of the basement bathroom and a bullet fragment nearby.

Several hours later, at 5:30 a.m., Bloomington police officers responded to a suspicious vehicle in a Bloomington Perkins parking lot. Officers saw three men standing outside the vehicle and a man sleeping inside the vehicle. Officers identified Idd as the sleeping man and found a loaded Smith & Wesson 9 mm handgun in his front pants pocket. In other pants pockets, Idd had two prescription pill bottles and a marijuana grinder.

The handgun had been reported stolen out of North Dakota, the criminal complaint says. The magazine found at the residence matched the handgun.

The pill bottles were confirmed stolen as well.

The criminal complaint says Idd has charges pending for carrying pistol without a permit in a public place in Hennepin County and for gross misdemeanor attempted theft. A warrant for his arrest was signed Oct. 26.