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Photos by Eden Teller

Eden Prairie Center is the city’s commercial hub.

A small fire in Eden Prairie Center prompted an evacuation of AMC Theaters on Aug. 14, said Nancy Litwin, the mall’s general manager.

Mall security officers and the Eden Prairie Fire Department responded to an alarm shortly before 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 14, caused by a small fire in a service corridor, Litwin said. There were no injuries, Eden Prairie Fire Operations Chief Ward Parker said, and it appeared that a carpet, some cardboard and chairs had been on fire. They were extinguished by sprinklers before the fire department arrived and the cause of the fire is unknown, Parker said.

The fire department received an alert at 7:46 p.m., said Parker, who arrived first on the scene with one engine. Many of the hundreds of alarms that the department responds to are false alarms, he said, but when he opened the service door, he called for backup.

“It was floor-to-ceiling smoke. You couldn’t see a thing,” Parker said. “It was quite surprising.”

In total, nine firefighters, two engines and one ladder truck responded to the alarm. The movie theater was evacuated as a precaution, he said, and it took firefighters two hours with five industrial fans to clear the smoke from the building.

There was some water damage to the mall caused by sprinklers set off by the fire, Litwin said, but the evacuation was smooth and the theater is open for business as usual on Aug. 15.

In an Eden Prairie page on Facebook, one person commented that their child was at the movie theater at the time of the fire and the theater told them they would be refunded the cost of their tickets.

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