Six going on 7-year-old Louis Missling eyed the tiger mascot head at Walmart when the wolf head stared him down.

Was he chosen or does he choose?

On one hand, the tiger head was pretty cool, as tigers are, well, pretty cool. On the other hand, Missling did see the Minnesota Timberwolves’ mascot Crunch at Eden Prairie High School last December.

How cool was that?

Missling’s mom Jennifer cut a deal.

The younger Missling could get two mascot heads under one condition, two actually. One of the heads had to be an eagle. Two, he had to wear the head while cheering at his older brother Victor’s 11A baseball games.

“My mom told me the cheer,” said Louis. “She said I had to say, ‘Let’s Go Eagles,’ and she said I had to be loud.”

After a couple games, Louis added a sign.

“I made the EP,” he said. “My dad made the fancy words.”

The lettering, in Eden Prairie red and black, reads “EP, Let’s Go Eagles.”

At Monday’s game at Miller Park, Louis, wearing the eagle head and holding his sign, shuffled in front of the crowd.

“Let’s go, Eagles,” he shouted.

Parents and grandparents joined in on the cheer.

When he finished, he slapped the back of the sign as if he were slapping a drum. He then took a bow.

He ran to dad and took the eagle head off.

“It gets hot,” he said.

Question: Does his brother’s team like the cheering?

“I didn’t really ask, but I think they do,” said Louis. “Every time I cheer, they either get someone out or score.”

Sports editor

Dan Huss covers Eden Prairie sports and especially loves reporting on sports features and outdoors-related adventures. He lives in Shorewood with his wife, Marnie, daughters Aili and Britt, and Wilma, a pheasant-finding Deutsch Drahthaar.


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