Beloved Belle Plaine resident Paula Olsen passed away almost a year ago, but her legacy is strongly preserved at the Hair Loft — the downtown Belle Plaine salon she established in 2016 — thanks to the hard work and dedication of her former employees.

This month the Jordaness Lions will celebrate 30 years of their highly anticipated fashion show. Over three decades, the annual fundraiser has showcased some of the finest local fashion and provided an evening of entertainment — all for a good cause.

Jordan city planners have been asked to come up with new language to regulate painted commercial signage in downtown Jordan. The move comes as city officials face the prospect of approving new painted signs amidst a small, but noticeable, gallery of deteriorated and painted-over works downtown.

Stop by the Canterbury Park horse stables on a weekday morning, and you’d think you were in a different town. Trainers and groomsmen massage the calves of their horses, and jockeys nod their helmets as they ride past. Trucks glide through the dirt, kicking smoke in the air and into the nostr…

Winemaking has taken Josie Boyle to many places — Iowa, Michigan, New Zealand — but now the Stillwater native is hoping to give her winemaking skills a permanent home in downtown Jordan.

Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of East Africans, union members and supporters protested at the Amazon fulfillment center in Shakopee Dec. 14 prompting dozens of police officers and state troopers to converge on the protest when the group headed toward the doorstep of the massive Amazon warehouse.


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