Brentwood Terrace

Senior Director of Property Management Lorien Mueller said Brentwood Terrace is a market rate property, meaning there is no subsidized rent or tax credits. But it may provide a more affordable option to seniors who would not necessarily be approved for housing assistance, but still want to stay in Jordan.

A new independent senior living development, Brentwood Terrace, is set to open Dec. 1 in Jordan.

The project is a result of an initiative by the Scott County Community Development Association to create an affordable housing option for those over the age of 55.

Brentwood Terrace will be the ninth independent senior housing community owned by the Scott County CDA and managed by Great Lakes Management. Brentwood Court, which opened in 2013, is another one of them — the new project will be right next door.

Senior Director of Property Management Lorien Mueller said Brentwood Court has had a “really strong, healthy waiting list” for some time now, which is part of the reason the CDA chose to build another community like it in Jordan.

Mueller said the new 69-unit property is already 68% leased.

A variety of room types, from studio apartments to two-bedroom units are available at rent priced below the market rate, Mueller said.

Brentwood Terrace’s proximity to community spaces like the library, the medical clinic and the pharmacy are other potential draws for future residents.

“It gives an opportunity for folks that are in and around Jordan, to stay in and around Jordan,” Mueller said. “Maybe they’ve lived here for a number of years or their families are living here. It’s an opportunity to stay in their local community and have a really great place to live.”

Right now, the property is in its final stages of construction, and it’s nearing completion. Mueller said they are anticipating move-ins will begin the first week of December.

Brentwood Terrace is located at 405 Seville Dr.

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