Though it will open its doors to the public for the first time this month in downtown Jordan, Mousse Sparkling Wine Co. has been a dream in the making for founder Josie Boyle for more than eight years.

A Stillwater native, Boyle spent years mastering the art of winemaking across Iowa, New Zealand and Michigan. Along the way, she particularly fell in love with sparkling wines, the focus of her new business.

“There’s this combination of both art and science involved in the process that I have always been really drawn to,” said Boyle.

Eventually, Boyle decided it was time to return to her Minnesota roots. Most recently she was an assistant winemaker at Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery in Kasota, about 40 minutes southwest of Jordan. In her free time, she continued to dream about opening a sparkling winery of her own.

In 2015, Boyle married Micah Lennox, who would become not only a husband, but a business partner. The couple moved to a hobby farm in Le Sueur as a midway point between Lennox’s contracting company and Boyle’s work at the winery.

When it became clear that the dream of opening their own business needed to become reality, the couple began to scout out places to set up shop. They decided on a brick building on First Street, right across from City Hall.

“We fell in love with this building and with the location,” said Boyle. “Jordan is just such a warm, home-y place, and the downtown area is great.”

The couple purchased the building last spring and began plans to open by the end of the year, but quickly ran into hurdles in raising capital.

“The pandemic was icing on the cake,” Boyle said. “But we’re taking it in stride, and we’ll continue to do what we can to bring wine to our customers.”

Boyle said although picking a favorite wine is like picking a favorite child, she’s excited to be offering Champagne-style wines. These wines have a longer, more traditional aging process, and, like Prosecco-style wines the downtown storefront location will offer, they are stored in special large tanks to preserve their flavor — and bubble.

While sparkling wines are the main event, Mousse will also offer a variety of hard apple and pear ciders and a few non-sparkling wine options.

Eventually, Boyle said she would love to partner with local businesses to add additional food items to the menu. Locally sourcing her menu is important, said Boyle, just as her wines are made from Minnesota grapes.

Beginning Sep. 11 customers will be able to make reservations in the tasting room for tables of up to six people.

It’s also harvesting season at the winery. For the first three Sundays in September, Boyle invites community members to come volunteer at the vineyard located just south of Shakopee in exchange for lunch and some wine.

“We’re very excited to finally open and share our wines with everyone,” said Boyle.

Mousse Sparkling Wine Co. is located at 115 First St. E., Jordan. To make a reservation, visit