Two charges of criminal sexual misconduct against former Renaissance Festival employee Carr Hagerman have been dismissed, according to an Oct. 13 disposition.

The charges against Hagerman, a Richfield resident, originated in June 2018 when he was accused of raping a festival photographer. Hagerman is the festival’s former entertainment director and pleaded not guilty in 2019 to two felony criminal sexual conduct charges after investigators said he beat and raped a freelance photographer working at the festival in September 2017.

After the initial hearing on Jun. 18, 2018, where Hagerman denied the allegations, he posted bail and was released from Scott County Jail. Since then, Hagerman and his attorney, Piper Wold, have appeared in court for several hearings.

The jury trial for the case was initially set to begin Oct. 13, but was canceled when the accuser could not travel to Minnesota due to COVID concerns.

The accuser’s attorney, John Klassen, did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

The newspaper reached out to Wold on Friday, but she was also unavailable for comment.

Scott County officials who worked with the case, including County Attorney Ron Hocevar and Appellate Division Head Todd Zettler were contacted, but unavailable for comment as of Friday afternoon.