This and other pets are available for adoption through Rabbit Rescue of Minnesota:


Ernie is a young, somewhat outgoing, male New Zealand white rabbit born around June 2020 and weighing 4.8 pounds. He is curious and rabbit-friendly with trusted folks. He enjoys head petting. Ernie tolerates being picked up but is nervous. He lap sits for a short time, but prefers his four feet to be safely on the ground. Ernie is treat-motivated. He is an indoor bunny and working on litterbox training. Ernie enjoys daily play time out of his hutch. He likes chew toys. Ernie loves his cat tunnel toy for sleeping in. Rabbits live 10-12 years as indoor pets. He is bonded to his brother Bert, a Californian rabbit. Adoption fee for the pair is $150 plus tax.

Rabbit Rescue of Minnesota bunnies are all vetted, spayed/neutered, and microchipped. Adoption fee for the pair: $150 plus tax. For questions e-mail To meet a pet please fill out the adoption application at