Timberline Park

City officials anticipate the installation will be complete early summer 2021.

Improvements to the Timberline Park playground began this week in Jordan.

At a November 2020 meeting, Jordan City Council approved the use of grant dollars to make improvements to the almost 20-year-old playground, which was in need of some updates, City Planner Ben Schneider said at the time.

The city had received a grant in the amount of $26,894.50 from Minnesota/Wisconsin Playground to lower the cost of equipment.

After the grant was applied, equipment cost a total of $55,272 and the installation will cost an estimated $17,949, both of which will come out of the city’s Capital Improvement Plan for 2021.

The Parks and Recreation Committee surveyed Timberline neighborhood residents at the end of 2020 to gauge which of a pair of proposed playground designs they should go with. The design residents chose was ultimately the one council members approved, too.

The whole playground and its current gravel surface will be removed and replaced with brand-new equipment, Schneider said.

Newly-improved amenities will include a new playground with various slides, climbers and other equipment, Schneider said. There will be four new swings for multiple age groups, including two normal, one toddler and one “tandem” swing.

Other features include two spring riders (a bunny and a raccoon) and a rock climbing structure. The new playground surface will be engineered wood fiber, Schneider said.

City public works staff removed the old equipment and surface on May 12.

Minnesota/Wisconsin Playground is in charge of the installation process.

“Generally, we are anticipating the installation being complete by early summer,” said Schneider.