Jordan Public Schools students will transition back to hybrid and in-person learning models beginning Tuesday, Jan. 19, according to an update provided by Superintendent Ranae Case Evenson at a Jan. 4 Jordan School Board meeting. 

In mid-November as COVID-19 case numbers in both Scott County and the city of Jordan began to spike, the district had to implement what Case Evenson called "Distance Learning 2.0."

"We learned a lot from how we did distance learning the first time around," Case Evenson said. "We knew from the feedback from our community and from our staff and students that we needed to have some things in place."

Over the summer of 2020, the board approved one-to-one devices for each student in the district, which Case Evenson said was a tremendous advantage in terms of flexibility for going back and forth between distance and in-person or hybrid learning models as needed.

Still, Case Evenson said, the distance model is far from ideal.

Downward trend

According to data presented by Case Evenson at the Jan. 4 meeting, both county and city case numbers were down as of the end of December.

While the district will continue to keep an eye on data, the general downward trend means Jordan schools have the go-ahead to return to their base learning model — in-person learning where possible for K-6, and a hybrid model for grades 7-12.

"In a perfect world I would love for our data to be amazing and I would love to have everybody back," Case Evenson said. "That would be the best thing in the world to have all of our kids back but it's going to depend on how we we respond in the community and how our data ends up looking."

Rolling start

Kindergarten through sixth-grade teachers began transitioning Thursday, Jan. 14 and Friday, Jan. 15.

There will be no school district-wide Monday, Jan. 18. On Tuesday, kindergarteners and first-, second-, fifth- and sixth-graders will begin to transition to on-site learning.

In the "rolling start" model, these transitions will continue to take place through Feb. 5, with third and fourth grades transitioning to on-site learning the first week of February, and 7-12 grades returning to the rotating, hybrid model that was part of the base learning plan the district started with in September.

Case Evenson said in recent meetings with regional health officials, the Jordan district was commended for the way it has remained flexible yet organized throughout the pandemic.

"We've had great approval from regional support," Case Evenson said. "They said we were very organized and really appreciated the thought and detail that we had in our plan."

Moving forward

Though continued flexibility will be needed from the community in the coming weeks, Case Evenson said she is grateful for how students, families and staff have taken all of the school year's changes in stride.

"Sometimes I learn new things daily," Case Evenson said. "For our families' amazing partnership, we're grateful. I would also say our students are working so hard, we're really proud of them. And our staff has just been knocking it out of the park by remaining positive and being ready to step up."

For a detailed schedule of the rolling start dates for K-12 students in the Jordan Public School District, you can visit