Ranae Case Evenson

Prior to her role as interim superintendent, Ranae Case Evenson taught in the Jordan district for years.

At a Sept. 14 meeting, school board members for Jordan Public Schools unanimously approved a motion to hire Interim Superintendent Ranae Case Evenson as the new superintendent for the district.

Case Evenson has officially been in the interim role since July 1 of this year, but she began working with the district in early June prior to the departure of her predecessor Matt Helgerson.

“He had developed a great team, and we’ve had really positive interactions,” Case Evenson said.

The South Central Service Cooperative is a nonprofit organization that the district selected in June of this year to aid in the superintendent search process. In mid-August, the Personnel Committee met with SCSC search consultants to discuss three possible plans to move toward finding a new superintendent.

At Monday’s meeting, search consultant Ed Waltman presented three recommendations to the board. First, the board could initiate a search in September, which Waltman said would limit the candidate pool. Second, the board could wait until December to initiate the candidacy process.

The third option would be to extend Case Evenson’s contract by two years.

As part of the evaluation process for the third option, SCSC individually contacted district administrators, staff and teachers for feedback on the possibility of removing Case Evenson’s interim status and offering her a contract as superintendent. All 18 respondents said they would support this possibility.

Waltman said Case Evenson’s care for the district was evident throughout the evaluation

Several board members expressed that given the positive reviews of Case Evenson in her first few months, the search for a new superintendent candidate would be a waste of time and money.

“I recall a comment that Ranae made early on in one of our first meetings that she said, ‘For every single day I will be interviewing for the job that I want as a full-time superintendent,’ ... she wasn’t taking this job as an interim, she was taking it as a superintendent,” said Board Member and Treasurer Connie Hennen.

“When you have a passion, you can see that person’s passion,” Hennen said, “and I think we can see her passion in a really difficult time in education.”

The board moved to negotiate a two-year contract beginning July 2021.

“I’m gonna need a recess,” said an emotional Case Evenson once the vote was passed.

Next, the personnel committee will meet with Case Evenson to begin working on the details of the contract.

“I’ve been grateful every day,” Case Evenson said. “Our students are incredible and to get to do this work and support at this time, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”