Matt Helgerson

Jordan Superintendent Matt Helgerson

Jordan Public Schools superintendent Matt Helgerson received high praise in his annual evaluation by the Jordan School Board this month.

Six board members responded to a survey appraising Helgerson's performance between July 1 2018 and June 30 2019.

On a rating scale of one to five, with five representing outstanding performance, Helgerson received an overall score of 4.77 from the board members surveyed. Newly appointed board member Ryan Dahnert did not participate in the survey.

"He received a very positive review, scoring high marks for the significant successes in academics, the arts and athletics," the board summary said. "Board members recognized him for the successful implementation of the Summit Academy program, innovative programming, increasing elective options, implementation of innovation in educational standards, promoting individualized learning models, strengthening policies and procedures, work toward career and college ready curricula, flexible learning days, the creation of the Jordan Education Foundation and creative work in the Long-Range Facilities planning."

Helgerson was evaluated in the areas of leadership, communication, supervision of staff, public relations and finance. The board commended his strong communications skills and recognized his promotion of the district via social media and marketing. 

The board highlighted finance as one of Helgerson's most important strengths and that he has taken effective steps to build the case for the upcoming referendum.

"He strikes a fine balance between trying to keep the taxpayers in mind, while also trying to make the most of every dollar so that students are having increasing opportunities in their education," the board summary said.

Looking at the upcoming school year, the board recommended that Helgerson focus on:

  • The referendum and implementation of building projects and programming if the vote(s) pass
  • Advancing industrial tech and STEAM possibilities
  • Help improve the district's ACT and other test scores
  • Expand and refine the Summit Academy program
  • Offer more exposure to the variety of four-year programs available post high school
  • Offer more exposure to funding opportunities, such as scholarships
  • Continue work toward the initiatives currently in place.

Superintendent Helgerson shared that he was humbled by the comments from the board and that he appreciates the support of the board and district to help move the district forward.


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