Jordan High School

Jordan High School.

Long-term facility maintenance, corporate sponsorship and a new score table were all on the agenda at Jordan’s school board meeting Monday night.

1The school board approved the long-term facility maintenance fund’s 10-year expenditure and revenue budget. Board approval is mandated annually by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Each year the plan is updated by district Finance Manager Amy Hafemann as new per pupil spending estimates are developed.

“For the fiscal year 2020 we’re expected to get about $693,000 and we have to do a 10-year projection of that out,” Hafemann said.

In turn, the expenditure budget is updated as well. The school allocated $691,747 for LTFM expenditures in fiscal year 2020.

“For the remainder of the year I consult with (Facilities Manager) Tim (Bisek) as to what he expects — the projections he thinks we might have for the next 10 years, be it roof replacements, the track replacements and things like that,” Hafemann said.

Hafemann said LTFM projects for fiscal year 2020 include re-painting the high school gym floor, boiler and chiller replacements and carpeting of classrooms. Total fund revenues are currently projected to reach $812,351 by 2029, with expenditures estimated at $775,000 for that same year. The 10-year plan was approved in a 5-0 vote.

2The school board approved a contract to purchase a new high school gymnasium score table with help from corporate sponsors. The $11,949 score table will sit on the edge of the gym floor and has an LED display that will feature advertisements.

Sponsors for the 10-foot score table are American Family Insurance Allen Houdek Agency and Hometown Bank, who have agreed to spend $4,500 each to help purchase the scoreboard in exchange for a four-year advertising contract. The remaining $2,949 will be fronted by the Jordan Activities Department.

The deal was negotiated by Activities Director Joe Perkl and Allen Houdek of American Family Insurance Agency and Daryl Karsky of HomeTown Bank. Superintendent Matt Helgerson said greater terms were discussed, but the interested parties couldn’t budge.

“It was a little too rich for their advertising blood, since they do a ton of things,” Helgerson said. “I just think both of them are heavily involved in our campus on a variety of different things.”

Both parties currently sponsor scoreboards in the high school gym and stadium at an annual cost of $2,000 each. Under the score table purchase agreement, advertisement costs would be waived for four years. Afterward, the two sponsors will be offered a renewal at half price, $1,000. Perkl said the district planned to renegotiate with the sponsors in the coming years regardless since those scoreboards have been paid off.

The sponsors will also be given a free advertisement on the new score table for the life of the product. Additional score table advertisements will be available for purchase by other businesses and organizations.

“Allen and Daryl have been exceptionally fantastic partners to the school, so from that perspective it’s great that they’re stepping up and doing this and hopefully they’ll do more over this four-year period,” board member Rob Langheim said.

The score table is expected to be ready by the start of the upcoming school year.

3The board also approved corporate and individual booster club partnership packages. The packages required board approval because they affect banner advertisements on school property.

The corporate partnership has six tiers, the highest at $5,000 annually. The top-tier partnership gives corporations logo space on the stadium banner and LED score table in the gym, ad space in the activity guide, game-day mentions at all football games, event mentions at concerts and plays, a booster club webpage ad, logo space on the digital hall of fame, four adult activity passes and a $100 gift certificate to the Jordan Spirit Store.

Individual partnership tiers range from $50 to $350. Benefits of the individual top tier include membership listing on the Jordan Pride Booster Club website and banner display, a booster club umbrella and window cling, choice of where the donation is spent and a family activity pass or gift card to the Spirit Store.

All the revenue goes to the booster club, Helgerson said, which will donate funds to the school district for appropriate distribution.


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