Tanya Velishek

Name: Tanya L Velishek

Address: 845 Hickory Place

Age: 49

Family: Joe (Husband), Ariana (Daughter), Emilio (Son)

Employment: M Health Fairview, FV University Pediatric

Education: RN, MSN with Business and Education, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-PC, PHN, and School Nursing License

Hobbies/Interests: Runner, Supportive Mom, Medical Mission Work, Food Shelf, Family time at the cabin, Traveler

Previous experience that would prove helpful in position:

• 2 four-year terms City Council, interim mayor, 1 four-year term Mayor

• Expertise as a leader in SCALE, Director of a nonprofit

• Ramsey County Workforce Board Elect

Contact info for public (phone/email/website): tlvelishek@yahoo.com, 612-275-4416, website: velishekonline.wordpress.com 1. Why are you running for this position?

As the current mayor, I believe in the vitality of our community. Jordan is evolving with additional amenities, school district, business growth and expansion, and has strategically changed with the revitalization of downtown Jordan. I will continue intentional planning, CIP projects, budget maintenance, promote business growth, and provide the city services needed for the community. Future focus on project management, better tax plan for water bills, funding for transportation projects, and professional knowledge to make decisions with established partnerships. My commitment through committee involvement and community visibility provides Jordan with leadership, stability, and passion to maintain a small town feel.

2. What are the top three issues you would face during your term?

Balance budget, commitment to growth, and strategic thought with community choices. Accountable spending and balancing debt with Capital Improvement Projects are crucial to the financial health of Jordan during the pandemic and state government restraints. Creek Lane and 169 intersection with state/county/MNDOT grant options. Business promotion, maintenance, and tax base to balance community growth. Decisions to spend citizen dollars should be determined on a basis of cost-to-benefit ratio. Together we can maintain growth while preserving the hometown atmosphere of Jordan’s parks, baseball fields, and areas where our children can remember growing up within a safe and close-knit community.

3. Have you been charged in the past year, or ever been convicted, of a misdemeanor or higher, or been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy or foreclosure?

I have never been charged with a crime, or type of business/personal bankruptcy or foreclosure.

4. What resources should the city use to attract new businesses to town? How is your idea different from past approaches?

As active member of EDA, Commercial Club and Council; Jordan businesses collaboration with business marketing, promotion and turning profit should be the focus. The use of the job for fees, commercial kitchen grant, TIF, Facade program, Cares funding, and creative approaches to develop resources similar to surrounding communities. Develop additional resources to attract and maintain business to improve tax base. Understand the importance the City of Jordan being an active member of business sustainability, working relationship with all businesses, and to set the goal of becoming a self-sustaining community to move away from the stigma of being a “bedroom” community.

5. If the Minnesota Renaissance Festival changes their location to the potential site near the Scott County Fairgrounds, do you think it would be a positive or negative for the community?

With development both positives and negative occur. Many citizens have historical roots and others choose Jordan as their home because of the small-town feel; while it’s a short drive to the twin cities the Renaissance will bring additional foot traffic, individuals using the community, busier restaurants, etc.

Being future oriented; reviewing infrastructure in our road system, amenities availability, provide connected trail systems, and help improve the Jordan community to support the 6 week Festival could be beneficial to our community for future generations.

6. When it comes to the city budget, what changes would you propose during your term, if elected?

In Levy Review for 2020, the council collaborated with city staff to determine the balance of equipment, employees, contracts, state aid, grants, finical obligations, CIP projects, and made fiscally sound decisions for upcoming year. Ensure fiscally responsible spending.

Maintaining infrastructure and services, responsibility to budget city taxes, and reviewing needs and wants of citizens; are the priorities and challenges we face with the pandemic. Better plan for water bills, increase business tax base, and find transportation funding. All city concerns and requests present as pressing, but the ability to provide strategic decisions, set goals and opportunities are essential.


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