Greg Preslicka always loved to draw.

“I always had a pad of paper or pencil with me,” Preslicka said. “My family would always say that I would never go anywhere without a pad and pencil.”

In high school, he wanted to be an artist, but didn’t know what that would entail. He attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and became interested in graphic design and illustrating.

He worked in the Twin Cities to make designs for cereal boxes, packaging and other materials for companies such as General Mills and International Dairy Queen.

“It was all client-driven artwork, so I started painting as a side from all the commercial stuff, just do more personal stuff,” he said.

Then he realized he could make money off his artwork, while getting off the computer.

“I am sitting at a desk all day, so doing the murals is a great way to get up behind a desk,” he said.

On Oct. 13, Preslicka’s art will be on display at Display of Creativity: Jordan’s Celebration of Arts and Crafts at the Community Education and Recreation Center from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event is hosted by the Jordan Community Arts Association.

Preslicka still does artwork commercially and 10 years ago he started doing mural work — painting about 70 murals throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin in libraries, schools, community centers, etc.

He specializes in wildlife, landscapes and uses a technique called plein air painting — painting on site as a way to capture light and sense of place.

At the art event, Preslicka plans to paint some on-the-spot plein air paintings — though he hasn’t picked a spot quite yet.

“I kind of wander around for a while until I find something that kind of sparks,” he said.

For his large pieces, he uses oil paints and acrylic and for smaller pieces he uses gouache paint — an opaque, nontransparent watercolor.

He lives in Savage with his wife and five children. All of his children are creative he said, and his youngest child, a sophomore in high school, has taken an interest in art.

Sarah Wynn is from Chicago where grew up on deep dish pizza before making the move to attend the University of Missouri's Journalism School. After a few stints in London and New York City (NY style pizza may beat Chicago), she moved to Minnesota.

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