Jordan City Hall

Jordan City Hall.

The Jordan City Council, on an 6-1 vote, approved an 8.1% levy increase for the 2020 fiscal-year budget. Councilman Jeff Will was the only council member to vote against the levy increase. Will was also the sole vote against a resolution to approve the 2020 budget.

“The tax rate remains the same between the two years (2019 and 2020), zero percent increase there. The total increase in the levy is all due to the 2020 change in market values done by the county,” Finance Director Morey Schaefer said.

This year, Scott County increased the market value for about 96% of homes in the city. As a result, about 96% of Jordan homeowners will see some increase in their city taxes. The median value percentage change is 7.3%.

The final levy, which supports the proposed $5.29 million 2020 budget, presents an increase of $279,783, or 8.1%, over the prior year. The levy consists of $3.63 million for general fund spending, a $41,500 Community Oriented Policing Services grant, $40,336 for tax abatements and $956,390 for debt service.

The general fund expenditure budget is proposed at an increase of $365,881, or 7.42%, over the prior year. Notable additions that contribute to the increased general fund budget are a new police squad car, transfers to the park funds for Grassman park and other park and trail improvements and the initial year of a local ambulance service.

The $4.6 million in levy revenue will fund debt service and general fund budgets effective Jan 1, 2020.


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