2017 Heimatfest Medallion

The hunt is on for the Heimatfest Medallion.

While many aspects of Jordan’s Heimatfest are canceled this year due to the global pandemic, the medallion hunt is still on. The Jordan Independent will run clues in the Thursday print editions until the medallion is reported found.

Follow the clues online at jordanheimatfest.com.

CLUE ONEChristmas in September, Wow!

Celebrate! I’ll tell you how.

Look for coin in festive guise.

If you unwrap it, you’ll be wise.

No more pizza’s in that box.

Keep on digging like a fox.

Past the cardboard, past the stickers

Stuck on bag and just for kickers.

Coin’s outdoors—don’t need a mask.

Walking path is your one task.

CLUE TWOClues will fly ‘til gold is found.

(Not like it’s just lying ‘round!)

Sandals might not make the trip.

Shoes or boots that do not flip.

That’s the way to search for coin.

Shouldn’t see a group to join.

Watch for traffic, don’t jump fence.

Stay alive to earn your pence.

Don’t go far now, stay in bounds.

If you’re lost, we’ll send the hounds.


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