Chelsie Knight

Chelsie Knight, local mom and author of “Not Another Breastfeeding Book.”

When Jordan mom Chelsie Knight was struggling with breastfeeding her first child, she was surprised to find the majority of breastfeeding resources were monotonous and not engaging.

Google searches offered little more than stats and unreliable websites, while the bookstore provided either dry, fact-forward textbooks or holistic books that strayed perhaps a little too far from proven medicine.

What she wanted was something more in the middle — so when she couldn’t find it, she made it. This month, after a year of writing at 5 a.m. before her kids awoke, Knight releases her first book, “Not Another Breastfeeding Book,” which she describes as a down-to-earth look at what it’s like to start and maintain a breastfeeding relationship.

“I’d say my book is a bit more natural-based but I want it to appeal to moms who come from all different backgrounds and experiences,” Knight said.

A public launch party will be held at ENKI Brewery in Victoria on Thursday, Nov. 14, from 5-9 p.m. Knight will be at the event and ready to sign and sell copies of the book.

Aside from providing moms with informative breastfeeding help, Knight’s goal was to offer sanity-saving camaraderie by writing from one mother to another. Knight said the industry is filled with informative books, but she found it was lacking literature that focused on motivating moms and reminding them why breastfeeding is important.

“Even if you’re told why it’s important and healthy in the beginning, when you’re struggling deep in the weeds you need to be reminded again,” she said.

When Knight was facing hurdles while breastfeeding her first son, she found motivation by strategically putting notes around her house, cheering herself on and reminding her why breastfeeding was important for her baby’s health. Her book aims to provide that same motivations for other moms who are struggling with breastfeeding.

“I thought maybe I can create a resource for moms that they can flip through and get motivated and be reassured and reaffirmed that they’re doing something great for them and their baby, even if they don’t feel really great at the time,” she said.

Drawing from her own experience, Knight recognized that mothers of infants are pressed for time and perpetually exhausted, so the last thing they want to do is read an entire book on a single topic. To avoid that pitfall, she kept the writing brief and peppy and made good use of photos to create a graphic novel that Knight says reads more like an Instagram feed than a typical motherhood book.

“It’s very straight to the point, I eliminated a lot of fluff,” Knight said. “When our generation wants information they want to know it now, they don’t want to read other things about it.”

The book is published by Beaver’s Pond Press and is available for order on and


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