A restraining order filed by Jordan Mayor Tanya Velishek against Councilman Jeff Will was dismissed Friday after both parties signed a contact agreement in Scott County District Court.

The agreement prohibits Will from initiating contact with Velishek or being within 300 feet of her work and home and within 100 feet of the Jordan Area Food Shelf, where she volunteers. It expires May 1, 2021.

There is an exception that allows Will to attend City Council and committee meetings. At public meetings the two are permitted to communicate over agenda items in a civil manner.

“The respondent’s behavior must be non-harassing and nonthreatening in nature with no threatening finger pointing towards the petitioner,” the agreement states.

Velishek petitioned for a restraining order against Will in August, accusing him of harassment and threatening communication. A temporary restraining order was issued while both parties’ attorney’s negotiated an agreement. Will was unable to attend council meetings for two months.

Will must leave the council chamber within 10 minutes of meeting adjournment. Other provisions allow Will to attend city-sponsored events when the entire council is invited. Will is also allowed to email Velishek so long as the topic of messages are limited to matters heard before the council.

Any violation of the terms within the agreement constitutes harassment and allows Velishek to pursue additional restraining orders.

The negotiations came to a close nearly two months after Velishek filed an affidavit in district court claiming Will began harassing her in 2015 when they both served as City Council members. Velishek said the harassment stopped for a while and started again in November 2018.

Velishek claimed Will harassed her over a period of 10 months via text and email, verbally and in person and made attempts to meet with her both alone and with city staff present. Velishek also accuses Will of pointing in her face, using abusive language, making sexual comments and, in one instance, placing a hand on his gun in her presence.

Will returned to his seat at the Jordan City Council Chamber on Oct. 7 after being absent from meetings since Aug. 5.


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