JHS Students participate in District 13 speech contest

Jordan High School students who participated in a district speech contest in April 1971.


April 21, 1898

Brick manufacturer Anderson delivered a load of bricks to New Prague and Montgomery on Monday.

The Jordan Independent has the best news service within a 25-mile radius of Jordan. Compare us to any paper you receive. We are the only home print paper in the county and give all the news.

John Broz who has been bartending at Golden’s for the past several months has left for St. Paul. Scott County Banker Cashier Schriener has become an expert on a wheel. After but a few weeks practice riding a bicycle, he is able to ride off the road into the creek on Brewery Avenue and not sustain an injury or damage to the wheel. He thinks an 8-foot leap over a stone wall into the water too serious for a second attempt.

Monday was a disagreeable early spring day. It commenced to snow in the morning and kept at a stiff gait until evening. Not being cold enough to freeze it put a lot of moisture in the soil and will leave the roads in slushy conditions.

The Mill Company will paint all the electric light poles as soon as the weather conditions permit.

Landlord Hilgers is hauling material for the construction of a commodious brick barn for the accommodation of his patrons.

A steamboat holding about 50 people will be launched at New Auburn Lake near Arlington this spring. A barrel of Jordan Beer will be tapped on the prow.

Morgan and Heiland have constructed a piping across the creek from the Millpond and will this year fill their tank for street sprinkling purposes, near the creamery.

C.H. Casey is improving his store with a large glass case for display of hardware in the front part of the store. Cabinet maker Hougard’s art is well displayed in his beautiful case.

Merchant Schaefer is having 40 firemen’s suits made to order and soon will have our firemen in uniform — a handsome appearance.

Photographer Colburn has purchased all the negatives of all the artists who occupied the old gallery for the past quarter of a century. He will make photographs from them for a reasonable price.

The hearing of the allowance of damage for a spur track over the Nicolin Mill property to the gravel pit by the M. and St. L. railroad has been tabled until May.


April 21, 1921

Hog cholera has again broken out in Scott County. Cases are to be reported immediately to health officials in the townships and reliable veterinarians.

Excitement in Jordan: Two fellows arrived and parked their car concealed near the equity elevator at the north end of town then went to Merchants Hotel to sleep. Police Chief Grams sees the car, investigates and decides to question the two men. The car was stolen, as one man is questioned the second man quietly escapes — and steals Reinold Kerkow’s car while he is visiting Fred Buss. The second thief is in an accident in Henderson, escapes and is still on the loose. Excitement — Jordan has had two autos stolen within the week!

The old brick Wolf building, formerly a blacksmith shop before it became a store, has disappeared. Foundations for the new 14-foot wide and 40-foot long Krautkremer Brothers oil filling station are laid. The building is one-story high of concrete construction with granite tint and the roof artistically sloping pagoda of red tile. The driveway will run around the building. On property abutting the railroad right of way near the M. and St. L. depot, they have three 15,000 gallon storage tanks. At the filling station there are three tanks underground. Krautkremer’s investment is well over $20,000 including property, storage tanks, a delivery truck and building. The concern is named “Scott County Oil Company.”

“It’s getting monotonous,” said M. and St. L. depot agent Cheezig. The latest burglary attempt was last night. This makes six times the depot has been broken into since Jan. 1. They broke into the office smashing a window pane but got nothing for their effort.

Joseph H. Grams is planning on adding a restaurant to his store facilities and will serve meals to the public.

Emil Maleritsch is having his residence raised, remodeled and a neat addition built.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barlage have moved from Merriam to the E.T. Morley farm in St. Lawrence Township.

Link Brothers have painted the exterior and interior of the former Ley Building on Water Street now for the tenants, Paul Hunziker and O.S. Fitch.


April 19, 1951

An industry in Jordan includes candy-making — to be exact, fudge. Herbert Wagner, Jr., has been making this for some time and now is branching out in a sales campaign of advertising his product.

The Minnesota River probably reached an all-time high when it reached 28.62 crest. Farmers Tony Ruppert, Nick Lambrecht and Alphonse Jelen had to move off their farms. With the help of neighbors Nick Lambrecht moved his 50-plus head of livestock by boat and rafts to higher ground a mile away. The farm was covered by more than 3 feet of flood waters.

In the town itself there was no flooding as Sand Creek never rose to the crisis. By Saturday flood waters began to recede 6 inches.

The Minnesota River Bridge on Highway 25 north of Belle Plaine was beginning to wash away at the bridge’s north approach. A call for help by Bryan Rock saw some 3,000 yards of merriam rock material put into place by 32 truck loads of rock. The bridge was saved.

Music by Eddie Ratt will play for the dance at Mertz Hall on Sunday, April 22.

Dancing, entertainment and a bounteous banquet is in store for members and guests at the annual Commercial Club banquet next Monday evening in Mudbaden’s spacious dining room and entertainment room. The Commercial Club has some 80 members. Music for the dance will be Lil’s orchestra.

Scott County’s 4-H Club girls are learning to make their own clothes and utilize home-grown foods in meal planning. There are 135 girls enrolled in the programs.

Virgil Beckius and Pearl DuPont were married in Chaska last Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. in Guardian Angels Catholic Church.

Miss Barbara Rieschl of St. Paul was a weekend guest of the Doctors Stahler and family.

Sunday was the 88th birthday of Herman Kerkow, Sr., a farmer in St. Lawrence Township. He came from Western Russia in the 1880s to Minnesota.


April 22, 1971

Dorothy Kipp was elected president of the City Council at the organizational meeting in the city hall chambers Monday night. Mark Schommer was elected vice president.

Mayor Earl Hedstrom re-appointed Alvin Erickson police chief and Robert E. Malz patrolman.

LeRoy Voigt was named president of the city park board for a one-year term. Manley Krueger was named to the board for a two-year term and Francis Mamer for a three-year term.

Some 138 Knights of Columbus and their ladies attended the Jordan Council’s banquet at the Hub Sunday night. Honored was Hilly Berg for his many years of service as financial service of the council. Six new members were welcomed. They were Walter Eischens, Lance Krzmarcik, Kenneth Lucas, Tom Ruppert, Eugene O’Hern and Robert Heimkes.

Marriage license granted at the Shakopee Court House this week was to Victor Albertus Weiers, Derrynane Township, LeSueur County, and Jolina Marie Hoffman, Helena Township.

Dave Wolf, of Wolf Motors, Jordan, has just completed a business management for dealers course conducted by Ford’s Chicago Marketing Institute in Hopkins.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Busacker of rural Jordan announce the engagement of their daughter, Mary, to Gene Grommesch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grommesch of rural Jordan.

Social security law provides for two changes. The first change is that all benefits, except the special age 72 benefit, were increased 10% and the special age 72 benefit only 5%. The second change is that the taxable base has been raised from $7,800 to $9,000 a year, but it is not effective until 1972.

Jordan High School Junior Mark Sunder, along with timely hits from his teammates, pitched a one-hitter Wednesday and posted a victory over the Cleveland Clippers 10-2. Sunder, who struck out five, had a no-hitter until W. Lloyd hit a solid double with two outs in the sixth inning. Jordan had 15 hits, with Daryl Hoffman, Mark Sunder and John Undesser coming up with extra base hits.


April 18, 1991

The “Celebrate Jordan” weekend of April 6-7 was a marvelous embrace to the city of Jordan community. Many thanks to the over 1,000 people who attended the 80-plus exhibitors, the entertainment providers, for the high school acts and the food booths, which left you wanting more and more of their tasty treats.

A new IBM Selectric II type writer is now available for use by Jordan Library patrons. The typewriter is dual pitch, self-correcting, with a 15-inch carriage. The library charges 50 cents per hour to use.

Jordan homeowners will receive no more than a 2 percent increase in property tax, while those living in homes valued at $110,600 or more saw a decline of 3 to 5 percent.

Since 1950, the number of anglers in Minnesota has grown from 1 million to over 2 million.

Advice from Master Gardener Jackie Smith: When cleaning out your wood stove and fire places, remember that wood ashes will make your soil more alkaline more quickly than lime, so use them sparingly in your garden. In acid areas, wood ashes are a source of potassium, a necessary plant fertilizer.

Six of Coach Mike Hennen’s 21 Jordan Elementary Wrestlers will participate at the State Tourney, which will be held at Pine Island. Going to State will be Justin Roberts, Brady Schindler, Brandon Elgrin, Joshua Roberts, David Strack and Neil Flynn.

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