1921 Cartoon

This illustration was printed in the Jan. 6, 1921 edition of the Jordan Independent. Looking Back is compiled by the Jordan Historical Society.


Jan. 6, 1898

The outlook for 1898-1897 crops marketed at good prices and the American farmer today is more prosperous than he has been for several years. The foreign demand gives no indication of lessening.

Shades have been ordered for all rooms of the school. The lower grades have received eight sets of supplemental readers.

A female quartet has been ordained and will make their first appearance at the Farmers Institute to be held Jan. 14 in Jordan.

The seventh grade is studying the Revolutionary War.

A student’s English said, “Jordan is a very educated town, it has two newspapers.”

Council proceedings — a petition was signed by a large number of citizens and taxpayers praying to have a light placed on St. Peter Street was laid on the table until it can be ascertained how the electric system works.

Charles Galles, William Speck and Werner Holden skated up the river to Belle Plaine on Sunday and returned on the river again in the evening.

The Dancing Club will hold another of their pleasant dances at the Concordia tomorrow evening. Ellis’ String Band will furnish the music.

George Duffie’s family are in their new home, the former Krunweidel residence.

The county treasurer will be in Jordan for the collection of taxes on Jan. 21 and 22 at Merchants Hotel.

The I.O.F. will have a public installation of officers with entertainment and a Ball at Nicolin’s Opera House on Friday evening. The public is invited.

The New Year’s Eve Ball at the Opera House was a huge success with 189 couples attending. Hagie’s Orchestra furnished the festival music.

The poles for the electric light wires have all been erected, and now the work of stringing the wires has commenced and is advancing rapidly. It probably will be completed in two weeks. Then the work of placing the dynamo and wiring of several business houses will be done. The current of electricity will be turned on and we will have light. In all probability the plant will be in complete running order about Feb. 1.


Dec. 30, 1920

One of Jordan’s most talented women, Miss Ann Lebens, became the bride of Carroll F. Cole. Mr. Cole is the service member of the firm of Cole and Harris. The young couple will be at home in Jordan after Feb. 1, 1921.

Automobile licenses will be radically higher next year. The old license fee in Minnesota has been $5 for three years for any kind of car or truck. Tentative fees may be based on model, price and weight, and new or used.

There was a dance in the Opera House Sunday night, admissions sold were 110. Quite a few attending were from out of town. A jolly time was reported by all.

C.F. Cole found the Daniel Boone Trail not bad at all for motoring when he went to Shakopee. Although it was not comparable of course to the usual non-snow covered roadways.

Weather conditions prevented the M. and St. L. Railway bridge crew from having the Helena Street viaduct ready for Christmas travel. They expect to have it open soon.

Sleighing is reported to be pretty good on most highways. Yesterday’s mild thaw did little to harm the roadways.

St. John’s parish school classrooms are very attractive as they were given a moresque interior finish during the Christmas vacation time.

A basketball game between the high school-ers and an older team is scheduled for a game in the gymnasium tonight.

The local post of the American Legion will host a New Year’s Ball on Saturday, Jan. 1 at the Maerz Opera House.

Sylvester Eve services will be held in German at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. New Year Day services are at 10:30 a.m. in German.

There has been some sub-zero weather during the week to let us know winter has arrived. Thermometers registered 12 degrees below.

Mr. John Shonka said “I can remember the Christmas of 1898. There was lightning, thunder and rain. On Christmas Day it turned into a snowstorm with several inches of white falling.


Jan. 4, 1957

All week the “Snowy Christmas” weather continued. From Dec. 28 and on into New Year’s there was quiet weather, some lovely sunshine and some slight snow flurries. Zero weather in the mornings, with one day sub-zero and an inch of snow last Tuesday.

Pioneer John B. Dals died on Dec. 29. He was born in Sand Creek in 1885. He is remembered as a farmer, a Dairyman owning the Jordan Dairy on his farm and serving daily deliveries within Jordan’s city limits. He also served on the Board of Education. Services were at St. John’s Church with burial in Spirit Hill cemetery.

There will be a dance at Mertz Hall on Jan. 7. Music will be by Elmer “Lars” Larson and his Northern Playboys. Peter Prusak is manager of Mertz Hall.

An aggressive Waterville High School basketball team bashed Jordan with a 40 to 21 victory over the Hubmen on Dec. 15. The JHS “B” team fared better — but still lost 24 to 20.

Only farmers eligible through the Farm Bureau Group may apply for Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance. See your Scott County Farm Bureau office at the service company in Jordan.

To avoid the threat of epidemics the United Nations is carrying a mass inoculation campaign in Korea against typhus, typhoid and cholera.

Merrymaking in the usual manner with all kinds of comic hats and noisemakers was on in the uptown places on Dec. 30 and 31. Mertz taproom had a large turnout.

The Jordan churches also celebrated the New Year with eleven new patients arriving. An encouraging start for the famous curative institution.


Jan. 7, 1971

The winter show of the Jordan Community Theater will include the following cast: For the cutting from “The Odd Couple” the case includes Kathy Colling, Curt Kochlin, Jan Ballard and Gregg Kochlin.

The cast for the “Baloney Scene” includes John Lucas, Dough Nachbar, Paul Sunder, Pat Cragoe, Butch Mamer, Sherry Schemmer, Margaret Hedstrom and Mary Klehr.

The cast for “Passion, Poison and Petrification” includes Monica Pink, Dianne Will, George Colling, Allen Deutsch, Dorothy Betchwars, Jerry Sandey, Cliff Klehr, Jane Klehr and Betty Macecha.

The winter show is scheduled for the last week in February.

Mrs. Theresa Holzer celebrated her 100th birthday anniversary Dec. 31. A dinner was given at the home of her son, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Holzer, of rural Jordan in honor of the occasion. Present were Dr. and Mrs. Roger E. Rynda and children from New Prague and Mr. and Mrs. Lanny Holzer and children.

New faces appear in Jordan business posts — Francis Fiebelkern of Chaska is the new manager of Minnesota Valley Electric Co-op. After serving for the past year and a half as administrative assistant.

Wilbert “Ole” Olson replaced Ed Breunig as Northern States Power District Supervisor.

Henry J. Hauer of Mankato will take over as new manager of the Mertens Lumber Co., formerly Adams Lumber.

Pvt. Kevin Hamer from Fort Ord, CA, spent Dec. 17 to Jan. 3 at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hamer and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Pauly from Mount Lake Terrace, Washington, Alfred Pauly from Belle Plaine and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Pint and family were Sunday morning breakfast guests at Mr. and Mrs. Victor Pauly.

Jordan Matmen defeat St. Bernard 26 to 12, Tuesday night, extending their season record to four wins and two losses. Undefeated wrestlers are Gary Pauly, Jack Herman and Neil Zimmerman.


Jan. 3, 1991

Ty Buesgens of Belle Plaine has accepted a position with Taylor Bangshares, Inc. as president of the Jordan Bank. He will be employed starting Aug. 1 to assist, handle and coordinate the transfer of Norwest to Taylor Bangshares, Inc., which is a corporation headed by former State Senator Glenn Taylor of Mankato which purchased the Norwest Bank of Jordan.

Jim O’Brien, son of Joe and Bernice O’Brien of Jordan was the lucky winner of the five foot tall, 60-pound, giant Christmas stocking which was given away at Radermacher’s Super Valu in Jordan. There were over 5,000 entry slips signed by Radermacher’s customers.

Some good news for skaters! City employees have been flooding the skating rink (near St. Paul’s Lutheran Church) the past week and it should be ready for skating.

Debra Simpson of Bloomington, daughter of Dennis and Carol Simpson, of Jordan and Jay Ebel of Bloomington, son of Dale and Leon Ebel, Jordan, exchanged marriage vows Dec. 21, 1990 at Immanuel United Church of Jordan.

The young Jordan Hubmen put in a successful week of basketball at the Glencoe Holiday Tournament as they lost their title on a desperation 60-foot shoot at the buzzer 58 to 56 to the Glencoe Eagles.

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