The Best Spring Tonic

This image was originally printed in a 1921 edition of the Jordan Independent.


May 12, 1898

A Pentecost Ball will be held at Nicolin’s Opera House on Pentecost Monday, May 30.

Baseball on the Jordan diamond will be next Sunday at 2:15 p.m. sharp — Jordan vs. Shakopee.

H.A. Zettel of Shakopee, the acetylene gas generator and fixtures to Barber Mangau of Belle Plaine. Stimel’s now has electric lights.

The Mill Company of Brentwood has constructed a convenient drinking fountain for houses near the front of the engine house on the driveway to the mill. Back of the drinking fountain is a nicely sodded lawn with a fountain in the center.

Mrs. Dr. McCarthy on the way to church fell through a defective sidewalk alongside Nicolin’s store and received severe injuries. This will probably cost the city more than a new sidewalk would cost.

The Jordan Coronet Band has purchased new uniforms and are preparing for their first appearance in a street performance.

Earl Wood’s confectionary has a nice line of fresh fruits and vegetables every Saturday.

Both Leonard’s Blacksmith shop and Wolf’s warehouse are being enlarged and will be completed soon.

Go to the “Twin Cities” via the “Omaha” Sunday for 75 cents round trip. Plenty of room for all. Leave at 8:30 a.m. and return at 7 p.m.

The M. and St. L. Railroad’s condemnation proceeding against the Nicolin Mill property is continued until June. The railroad desires to construct a spur track to reach the brickyard gravel pits.

The machinery for the St. Joe Creamery has arrived and Mr. Betz expects to begin operations next week.

Busch’s construction crew of seven are busy building the basement for St. Benedict’s new brick school.


May 5, 1921

For the first time in Jordan annals, commencement exercises for the high school will be held in the high school building. This is possible by the $125,000 building erected last year. The new building contains a spacious auditorium and will be the scene of this year’s graduating exercises.

The Senior Class Play will be presented May 13 in the high school auditorium. “The Adventures of Grandpa” is this year’s selection. It is a comedy in three acts. There are 11 characters — the nine seniors, one junior and one sophomore.

A large audience greeted the Hans Hanson Players at the Opera House on Monday evening. The show was free with one event the management did not expect. It was the arrest of one of the leading actors. The show limped along.

State Highway Commissioner Babcock announced new highway operations on all 70 state routes of 7,000 miles. Soon the Daniel Boone Trail and the patrolman will have a team with a drag, a mower for weeds, etc. for keeping up his section of 5 to 8 miles of road.

There will be two patrols on the road between Jordan and New Prague, 2 for Shakopee to Jordan and 2 between Jordan and Belle Plaine.

The remains of Erwin H. Fehlandt came home from France, where he was serving in the U.S. Army. Prior to his enlistment Soldier Fehlandt was the proprietor of the New Store in Jordan. He was 29 years old.

It froze in areas near here earlier this week and could affect fruit trees in blossom.

Blacksmith Henry Dorn is improving his place of business with a new front and possibly a new floor in the shop.

The first ball game of the season will see a “Team of Old Timers” play the “regulars” at the Smail Field on Sunday.

Jordan High School is being represented in baseball as well as basketball and football this year.


May 10, 1951

On Monday this week Miss Delores Dietz bought Hedy’s Beauty Shop on First and Rice streets. Miss Dietz has been employed by Mrs. Joachim the past four years. The business now is named Delores’ Beauty Shop.

HELP! — Workers are needed to complete the sod-laying job on the baseball playing field which was begun last summer. The right-center field area sod, cut yesterday, was from the Ambrose Hennes farm and donated by Mrs. Hennen to the park.

Mudbaden Sulphur Springs Sanitarium has a new owner, Mr. David E. Brown of Chicago. His program calls for the immediate modernization of Mudbaden Sanitarium as a mud bath resort. Mudbaden is an original institution and now the only curative institution of its kind in Minnesota.

A modest venture by Mike O’Day in the historic well-constructed two-story former Rodell building is making progress. The structure has been given new windows. Considerable wood-working machinery is on both floors.

The “M” Club under the direction of Agnes Morlock will present a music recital Monday evening May 14 at 8 p.m. at the school auditorium. Some 55 musicians will be heard in over 30 different selections. It promises to be a great evening.

Last week the Hubmen baseball team was defeated by New Prague 8 to 0 in the first game of the season.

On Sunday morning at the 7:30 mass in St. John’s Catholic Church four children of the second grade received their first communion.


May 13, 1971

Over 200 persons attended the annual open house at the Senior Citizen Center Tuesday. They enjoyed coffee and cookies and admired many homemade items made by the senior citizens that were on sale.

Sixty seniors and their chaperones left for Chicago Saturday evening about midnight on their class trip. Chaperones accompanying the class are Mr. and Mrs. Edward Breunig, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Pauly, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ohlman, Miss Lois Rausch and Mr. Langsweirdt.

Beginning Sunday, May 16, effective date of long-awaited postage rate raises. It will cost 8 cents to mail a first-class letter anywhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico, according to Postmaster Casey. Postal cards will go from 5 cents to 6 cents, air-mail letter of 1 oz. or less will go for 11 cents. The last raise in letter rates was more than three years ago, from 5 to 6 cents.

Agnes Morlock presented her students in a recital to an audience of parents, former students and friends. A special surprise climaxed the evening when Mrs. Art Bohnsack, one of Mrs. Morlock’s first pupils, and her granddaughter Debbie Bohnsack, played “The Anniversary Waltz” in honor of Mrs. Morlock’s 40th teaching anniversary.

Ruth Schmidt, the chairman for the Jordan Legion Auxiliary announced that they are sponsoring a program with General Mills to purchase a home type kidney machine. A machine costs 600,000 coupons. Coupons can be turned in at the Red Owl, Sunder’s, Beckius Hardware, J & J Farm & Home and Jordan Drug.

The Jordan Brewers will open the 1991 baseball season on Sunday, May 23 with a 2 o’clock game at LeCenter. The Brewers will be playing in a new six-team league this year and the competition is expected to be tougher.


May 9, 1991

Jordan’s swimming pool project, a proposed aquaplex scheduled to open in the summer of 1992 is in danger of sinking.

Funds for the recreation facility are far short of the goal, task force chairman Rich Hofer told the council Monday night. The task force asked the city to proceed with a tax referendum vote for the $480,000 needed for the project.

At 81 years old, Bill Sobiech keeps plowing gardens for Jordan residents. In 1948 the late August Hlatky plowed all the Jordan resident gardens, when they decided to divide them up for about 20 years. When he first started plowing the numbers were in the 100s.

The Jordan High School Class of 1991 graduation ceremony will be held Saturday, June 8 at the high school auditorium starting at 8 p.m. There are 70 members in this year’s class, one of the smallest classes Jordan has had in a number of years.

A Jordan establishment of 35 years, Wolf Motor, was recently presented with the “Chairman’s Award for Customer Satisfaction for 1991,” the only winner in Minnesota. Only 93 Ford dealers in the United States were recipients of this prestigious award.

Leonard and Delores Boeckman celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Sunday, May 19 with a 1 p.m. mass at St. John’s Catholic Church, followed with a open house, hosted by their children in the parish hall.

Marcy Wagner, Lucille Beckman, Joseph Pieper, Leo and Loretta Michael are new residents in the Schule Haus reported by Johana Deusterman.

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