Capital flag in Jordan, 1969

A flag that few over the nation’s capital was presented to the Jordan Elementary School by student David Schwichtenberg and Principal Joseph Benko.


Nov. 12, 1896

The New Era Band will give a grand ball at Concordia Hall on Thanksgiving evening, music by the Ideal Orchestra. Tickets are 50 cents a couple. Plant to attend. Wm. H. Hilgers, promoter.

The infant son of Mrs. Kiemer has died of diphtheria and was interred in the Catholic cemetery.

H.J. Fitzpatrick will sell all his stock and farm near the Dolleyville school house at 10 o’clock on Saturday the 21st. H.A. Ochsenreiter will act as salesman.

The auction of Fred Ellies was postponed until the 17th due to the heavy snow received last week.

The young people of the city have organized a dancing club to furnish social activity during the winter. They have already received more than 30 members and will hold their first dance soon and one every two weeks thereafter.

Leap year is rapidly drawing to a close.

Winter is here and to the delinquent subscribers who haven’t “the gold” — we wish to say we will accept some wood on account our businesses are finding gaslight a great improvement over the old oil lamps. Schaefer’s store has the piping and fixtures in and is awaiting the arrival of the generator. Mr. Ley is preparing to put fixtures in his saloon.

The snow commenced to fall on Monday and just checkered the earth here and there. Tuesday it started in the style of a real old Minnesota winter and it never ceased a moment all day. The bright and variegated crystals continued to descend until by nightfall eight inches of heavy, damp snow covered the ground. We are now enjoying good sleighing.


Nov. 13, 1919

With two inches of snow on the ground and a temperature of six degrees above zero, a west wind and sundogs in the sky, the general aspect was wintry.

Mr. Bradange has opened up a cream-buying station in the Rilschel building on Water Street.

Good progress is being made on the handsome residence of Henry Fischer on Mertens and Fourth streets. A distinct improvement to that part of town.

Carpenter John Sunder and crew have built two very handsome glass fronts into the Water Street and First Street facades of the Schaefer store property, where the energetic and progressive proprietor, Joe Sunder, does a thriving business. The improvements make the New Store much better.

After many delays due to labor and materials, Supt. Sly of the Jordan Electric Light and Heating Company has completed extensions of the steam main down Varner Street to Mrs. Fehlandt’s residence.

A transaction last Saturday saw Jos. Casey selling his one-and-a-half acre building site at the corner of First and Mertens to C.A. Miller for $1,450. Mr. Miller started Monday to excavate for a fine home with basement, cistern, septic tank, etc.

Coming Wednesday, Nov. 9: two comedy sketches by Al Scherer and one musical act by Erna Mumm. Amateur’s attention: leave your name with the editor and be part of the entertainment. Cash prizes offered. Show begins at 8:15, 20 cent and 35 cent admission. Come!

C. Engler was in charge of parade arrangements for Scott County’s participation in the first annual State American Legion Parade in Minneapolis. A band of 25 Jordan boys from the Jordan Post marched.

A meeting of the American Society of Equity was held at Maerz Opera House last Tuesday. The purpose was for success of farmer cooperatives, elevator livestock, selling agencies, creameries and packing plants.


Nov. 10, 1949

In St. John’s Church at Jordan 114 persons received the sacrament of confirmation at the hands of Archbishop John Gregory Murray last Sunday. Among the class were John Breemhorst, Robert Busch, Roger Busch, Ken Eischens, LeRoy Hentges, Peter Menke and Mark Schommer.

Two-hundred and eighty-five 4-H Club members, parents and leaders gathered at Jordan High School last Saturday for their annual recognition program. Hon. M. Moriarty representing the Jordan Commercial Club welcomed the group. The 10-year members were interviewed by J.H. Breunig for a radio broadcast to be heard on KDHL next Wednesday.

Twenty-one members of the Jordan Sportsman’s Club met at the VFW building last Thursday evening and partook of a meal that included squirrel meat prepared by Chef Edward Greuel.

The Polly Pigtail Club held their monthly meeting with Yvonne Bastyr and Ellen Sunder giving a demonstration on how to make fudge. Della Pauly was a visitor. Mary Jane Ploen, club reporter.

In the former Dr. Phillips and later Dr. Havel offices in the Snyer Drug Store building on Jordan’s Broadway and Water Street is where Dr. and Mrs. Paul Stahler are locating. Both are physicians and will be in the office after Nov. 19. Dr. Stahler is from Morris and Mrs. Stahler is from Passaic, New Jersey. They are graduates of Marquette University and have been in hospital service since graduating two years ago.

S.H.S. band has been parading the streets every day this week advertising for the M-Club carnival to be held on Saturday for the benefit of the music program. Band uniforms are needed and also choir robes.

The annual Armistice Day dance will be given in Kasper’s Hall this Friday evening by the Jordan V.F.W. Post and Auxiliary. Ivan’s Dance Band furnished the music.

Yesterday the weather bureau indicated the “unbelievable” November weather might last awhile. Each day has been sunny and 60 to 65 degrees.


Nov. 13, 1969

A flag that few over the nation’s capital was presented to Jordan Elementary School on Tuesday, “Veteran’s Day.” The flag was presented by David Schwichtenberg, a fifth-grader and son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Schwichtenberg.

The flag was sent to David by Commander Ancher Nelson after David had written the congressman requesting a flag. The flag few over the capital in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 23.

Weather forecasters predict good conditions for Friday’s launching of the Apollo 12 astronauts for man’s second landing on the moon.

Ten years ago Miss Shirley Javurer was the honored guest at a miscellaneous shower at the Ray Hentges home Monday evening.

Letter to the editor: I want to let you know I am quitting the Jordan paper. My eyes don’t stand for it since I had the stroke in February. I thank you so much. I can’t write very good. I love the paper, read it since 1900. Yours truly, Mrs. Elizabeth E. Miller, Walker Methodist Home, Minneapolis.

Leroy Scheffler, cub master, or Delores Erickson, den master, are asking all boys who are 11 years or older to join boy scouting. Jordan Cub Scout Pack 332 are now selling auto first aid kits. The cost is $2.

About 35 boys reported to coaches Ken Hanson and Latterell as they began workouts this week in preparation for the fast-approaching basketball season.


Nov. 9, 1989

At the Nov. 6 council meeting, Ms. Fox recommended the city start advertising to hire what she termed a community development director for possibly $26,000 to $27,000. Motion passed.

The Jordan school district tax levy of approximately $171,543 was voted down again.

Police report of pumpkins on roadway of Highway 169 and Highway 282. Pumpkins were removed. Another report of vehicle hit by pumpkin on Highway 169.

Frankie Simmonds returned recently from 13-day visit to her twin brother, Norbent Geng and other relatives and friends in Germany and also spent 8 days in Egypt.

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Bohnsack entertained in honor of the 13th birthday anniversary of their son, Tanner.

AD: Help wanted at the Old Mill Restaurant, 200 Water Street, Jordan. Ask for Geno.

AD: Radermacher’s Red Owl offers choice beef T-Bone steak, $3.99 a pound; fresh whole chicken legs, 39 cents a pound; C&H granulated sugar, $3.59 for 10 lbs.; russet potatoes, 5lb bag for 39 cents.

St. John’s Catholic School hosts “Byte” night to introduce computer technology skills.

Jordan football in the 1980s: a decade of excellence when Jim Trapp took over the head-coaching reigns in the summer of 1980. He was taking over a solid program, however, when things went from good to great for the Hubmen football program, due to Trapp and his three assistant coaches, Lee Restock, Tom Sand and Dave Brostram.

These four men put in long hours these 10 years to produce competitive football teams and the results have been excellent. An overall record of 64 wins and 34 losses, seven post-season appearances, three MRC titles and one state title in 1983.

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