Koenig Farm burns 1969

A cattle barn on the Albert Koenig farm south of Jordan burned to a complete loss in June 1969. The barn stored hay and straw at the time of the fire.


June 18, 1896

Work is commencing on a new mill building in the city.

Mr. G. Nachban and son have taken charge of the Maertz hardware business, having purchased their entire stock. J.B. Hartman will be the tinner in their shop.

Haying has already begun in the area.

Jake Krautkremer got a load of a lime for plastering the new store. The store will soon be completed and ready for business.

Brick manufacturer Anderson commenced active operations in his yards this week.

The tonsorial firm of Eckert & Link has dissolved partnership. Eckert will remain in the old stand with Link opening a barber shop in Chanhassen.

Alex Ruppert has received the new bar furniture for his saloon which will be located in the Leonard building recently vacated by Jeweler Magenheimer.

Hilgers and Nachbar completed a tubuler well for Mr. Hennes, east of this city, at a depth of 280 feet. The water is reported to be excellent.

Fred Voigt, Jr while operating a tubular well drilling outfit, stuck a vein of mineral resembling gold quartz at a depth of 315 feet and 3.5 feet thick. The mineral has been sent to experts to be assayed.

Tomorrow our schools close for the season.

The Coronet Band went to Chaska on Sunday and the Consolidated furnished music for a steam boat excursion party.

C.W. Kaufman has had the Schaefer building beautified, by the painters brush, both on the exterior and interior and on July 1 he will open his saloon there.

The festival under the auspices of the Ladies Guild of the Presbyterian church last Friday was very largely attended. Delicious ice cream, strawberries, cake and other delicacies were served.

All old Veterans are invited to come to Jordan and see the exhibition drill on the Fourth by Company D, First Regiment No. 6.

The Minors, our second nine baseball club, went to New Prague and defeated them 68 to 45.


June 19, 1919

Plenty of rain during the week — some say more than enough. Pastures look good. The hay crop promises to be a very heavy one.

The Scott County Liberty Loan Committee has released the names of those who REFUSED to take their allotments of the bonds. There are 33 from Jordan, 47 from Sand Creek Township and three from St. Lawrence Township. In total, 333 from all of Scott County.

Both the sanitariums in Jordan are reporting the best spring and early summer season they ever had. The total attendance at Mudbaden and Sulpher Springs reached 183 patients.

Connie Mack, coach of the Athletics, has obtained Bobby Ruth as his field captain and unique batter.

A large auto storage space has been built by Geo. B. Strait on the north side of his furniture store, the full length of the building. The addition is of permanent material and cement floored.

Jupiter Pluvius umpired the baseball game at Smail Field Sunday when the fine Montgomery nine came to cross bats with manager Cheezig’s men. The rainmaker interfered effectively in the fourth inning and the game had to be stopped. Pitcher Smith was very effective and the score at that time was Jordan 3, Montgomery 1.

In these days of big prices for farm produce and livestock, it has to be something unusual to attract attention. A hog on the market last week received $130.35. How’s that for a high? Can you beat it?

Tuesday was the hottest day yet — 87 degrees in the shade.

Jac. Schmitz is having a clay-like silo built on his farm near Jordan. He is progressive and rapidly building up the farm he bought.


June 16, 1949

Last week there was an urgent need for rain. Small farms and pastures were “wanting.” A fraction of rain has fallen since late May. It ended Sunday when rain fell from black clouds in the afternoon and evening downpours. The crop situation is cheerful again.

The Brewers’ lost to Le Center last Thursday evening 2 to 1. Team manager Breimhorst has added a new catcher and infielder Nolden to the lineup and on Sunday the team beat New Prague 6 to 0 in a six-inning contest cut by rain.

No greyhound buses in Jordan. The driver’s strike is seven weeks old.

Loren Habegger and John Bauer drove to the fireman’s convention in St. Peter in a 1909 automobile. They rambled right along.

Tuesday of this week was Flag Day and Old Glory was rightly on display.

Twelve staff members and volunteers are getting Boy Scout Camp Pahuca ready for the summer season. The camp will open Sunday, June 19 at 3 p.m.

Invitations have been issued for the first mass of Father Elstan (James) Coghill in Jordan’s Catholic Church on Sunday, June 26. He will be ordained at Teutopolis, Illinois on June 24.

More than 700 chicken dinners were served at the annual St. Benedict’s Parish festival last Sunday. People came from all over. Weather was warm but two showers intervened about the time of the outdoor program.

AD: Grand Opening — Webb cut-price Gas Station — a real big saving. New high-octane has, regular 22.9 cents, and ethyl 23.9 cents. R.C. Kerkow on Highway 169 in Jordan.

Lambert Deutch of Old Town went fishing in waders on the eastern shore of Fish Lake and caught northern pike that weighed 13.5 lbs. They also obtained his limit of sunfish.


June 19, 1969

Smoke and flames poured from the large barn on the Albert Koenig farm which was completely destroyed by fire last Wednesday afternoon. The barn on the farm about four miles south of Jordan was full of last year’s hay and straw. The flames spread so quickly that it was beyond saving when the Jordan Fire Department arrived. The building was used to house beef cattle.

Sister Susan Von Bank, S.S.N.D., from Colton, Washington, arrived Tuesday of last week for a visit until Sunday with local relatives. Her father, Nic Von Bank, took her to Good Counsel Academy at Mankato Sunday, where she will spend the summer.

Dr. and Mrs. Harold Nesse left yesterday for a three-month trip to Europe. They will visit relatives and friends in Norway. They also plan to do some reindeer and elk hunting, mountain hiking and some trout fishing won’t be omitted.

Notice — Jordan Teens: Our Place is no longer open, our lease is up. Any members who have keys in their possession, please turn them in immediately to Frank Radermacher.

AD: Kersting’s Bar-O-Gram showing the Minnesota River League standings thus far: Prior Lake with five wins and no losses, Jordan in sixth place with one win and four losses.

A near tragedy at Fish Lake on Thursday, May 29, when three of this year’s graduates went to the lake on a windy day when the laps on the lake were riding high. The three young men tried to swim across the lake, two of them made it, but the third ran into difficulty when he was halfway across the lake and called for help.

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kaiser heard the boys call for help, ran home and their father went to rescue the young lad who already had gone under once. Only cramps in his legs and very scary boys, in what could have happened.


June 15, 1989

St. John’s fifth and sixth-graders were assigned to interview long-time residents. Here are a few:

Marge Hartman walked a mile to a one-room school in Union Hill. She liked to hide behind her grandmother’s long skirt when she was frightened. Roman and Andrina Radermacher were the first to have a two-man bicycle in Jordan. Ruth Wermerskirchen loves to look back at the “good old days.”

They remember running the Dutch Room cafe on Broadway (Dr. Joe’s office), Roman’s 1939 running the first pasteurized milk route in Jordan. Roman also at the age of 11 was allowed to drive the Model T to school in the spring and fall.

When all is said and done, there’s usually more said than done!

Friday, June 23 senior menu: meat loaf, baked potato, cooked cabbage, apple ring garnish, lemon bar, rye bread and milk.

Ford Motor Company’s motto, “Quality People, Quality Products,” is a good description of Wolf Motors Dealership. Owner David Wolf received the district achievement award for quality for the 16th year and Jeff Jensen, service manager, received a plaque for excellence in service management and customer satisfaction.

Ken Eischens, proprietor of Geno’s, and 108 golfers participated in Geno’s open golf tournament held in Montgomery last Saturday. A few of the “fun” prizes went to Mark “Horse” Pieper as Best Dressed Man. Best Dressed Ladies were the Double-Mint Twins, Carol Hastings and Donna Hoppe. Best Looking Man was Ken Hanson and Nest Looking Lady was Liz Huss.

Brewers upped their record for the season thus far, to 8-2. Hentges clouts homer in the 9th inning over Shakopee.

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