Topper Sponsel and Mrs. Jabs

Topper Sponsel, owner of Sponsor’s Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard, is pictured August 1989 with Mrs. Jabs, who enjoys her work running the automatic apple peeler at age 82.


Aug. 13, 1896

Homely Jim spent Sunday with his best girl in Burnsville.

Mr. Henry Nicolin, one of Jordan’s sure blue 16-to-1s, was a pleasant caller in New Prague on Friday.

If you ain’t a 16-to-1 advocate you ain’t in this year. All lovers of the country, the people and themselves are 16-to-1. That’s the principle on which all can have sound money; free silver will make it sound and plenty of it.

Teachers’ Examinations will be given in Jordan on Tuesday, Aug. 18 and Wednesday, Aug. 19. Teachers having a desire to teach in Scott County will please take notice that no private exams will be given.

At 11 p.m. on Aug. 22 there will be a partial eclipse of the moon visible over the western hemisphere.

On Friday the intense heat was followed by a severe lightning and thunderstorm that started in the west and reached us about 2:30 a.m. on Saturday. Peal after peal of thunder and rapidly succeeding flash after flash of lightning added beauty to the scene; and told of the danger to follow. The rain began to fall and a strong wind followed that around nearly everybody. Fortunately it was a short duration, shaking buildings, breaking shrubs and vegetation, but no great damage was done. For a brief period we thought we were facing death.


Aug. 14, 1919

Members of the American Legion will receive their membership button. It is a small replica of the regulation bronze 5-star discharge button with a fluted edge. The central replica will be silver instead of bronze for members who were wounded in service.

Belle Plaine, Jordan and Shakopee are on yet another automobile trail. This one is known as the Sioux Historical Trail and runs from St. Paul to Pembina on the Canadian border. It goes south of St. Paul into the Minnesota River Valley over the Danial Boone Trail to Mankato, west to Wheaton and follows the Red River north to Pembina.

The 22nd annual Scott County Agricultural Fair is set to open in Shakopee on Aug. 28 for three days. New buildings have been added and more and better accommodations have been provided.

A baseball game this Sunday afternoon at Smail Field at 2:30. Belle Plaine will meet Jordan.

Ed Radke, while doing some repairs on an auto in the Radke and Harris garage, lost the tip of a finger between two rapidly moving auto parts.

The Masonic Hall had a meeting last Friday night at which officers are installed in their meeting rooms in Rodell Hall.

Jan. 1 to Aug. 1 has been a big year for the Jordan Creamery, manufacturing 259,670 pounds of butter. In August 1918 they only did 233,909 pounds of butter all year.

Herbert Strait was home from Henderson where he is teaming with the Northwestern Telephone Company construction crew.

A hearing will be held in city hall tomorrow in the matter of a game refuge in St. Lawrence Township. The plain is to constitute the entire township a game refuge.

The annual Harvest Picnic will be held in Schutz and Hilgers Park this coming Sunday under the auspices of the Jordan Brass Band. There will be dancing during the afternoon and evening.


Aug. 11, 1949

Old Sol turned on the heat again, beginning mildly last Friday with 85 degrees in the shade. This followed the interlude of handsome summer which came after 20 days of “perch” at Fourth of July time. Saturday was sizzling hot — 92 to 97 shade temperature. Monday it went to 96 — some say 100. Yesterday it was 90, followed by a slight shower.

Annual Portiuncula devotions in the Catholic Church were held from last Saturday until Aug. 7 at St. John the Baptist Church in Jordan.

The final standings in the Minnesota River League of Baseball has St. Peter in first place, Montgomery second and Prior Lake undisputed third. Jordan is sixth of the eight teams.

A petition was presented to the city council requesting the oiling of Varner Street between Fourth Street and Sixth Street signed by the required percentages of property owners affected.

Jordan Drum and Bugle Corps were out on a practice march on the streets of Jordan Monday evening.

Ernest Dueffert had their home covered with a composition siding last week.

Cpl. Vernon Voight and Cpl. Wilfred Pauly arrived home Tuesday from Fort Sill, Oklahoma after receiving their discharge on July 31. The boys served for one year. Sgt. Ronald Johnson is expected Saturday from Elgin Field, Florida.

The Jordan Firemen are holding their annual picnic at Lagoon Park on Sunday, Aug. 14. All members of the department, wives and families are invited to bring lunch baskets at about noon. The active fire laddies will have a program of games and races.

St. Patrick’s Church is serving a Minnesota Centennial style dinner on Aug. 21.


Aug. 14, 1969

On Sunday, Aug. 7, an open house will be held at Valleyview in honor of it’s hospital administrator, Jos. C. Michael. The event will be known as “Doctor Michael Day: and the personnel at Valleyview and hundreds of individuals who have received beneficial services and care with to show their appreciation to him. The personnel at Valleyview are inviting all interested parties to this open house for Dr. Michael. Refreshments will be served from 2-4:30 p.m.

At about 2 p.m. Tuesday, the fire siren called the local department to a fire in the O’day addition. The trailer home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mohlin was on fire. The trailer was a total loss. Mrs. Mohlin was at home at the time, but the cause to the fire is unknown.

Airman Thomas Stemig arrived on Friday from Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas to spend two weeks with his family, the Florenz Stemigs.


Aug. 10, 1989

A proposed mine and asphalt plant is to be opened by Hardrives Inc, a paving contractor from Maple Lake who is being opposed by Sand Creek Township Board. They proposed mine would be located by the Valleyview Health Care Center and the Minnesota River, east of the Lynnville Minnesota Security Annex.

Senior Bob Schmitz experienced some of the unrest in Israel. His connecting flight from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv was delayed for two hours when it was discovered that someone who was supposed to reboard the plane had not done so. First through, the passenger had left an explosive device on the Jewish carrying plane heading to Israel.

A few days later, while riding on a minibus with other Minnesota officials, Schmitz watched incredulously as a large stone straight-lined the side of their bus. As Schmitz returned from the 10-day educational seminar, the conflict escalated when Israel kidnapped a Shiite Muslim leader and the Shiites reacted by killing an American hostage in Lebanon.

The 26th annual Scott-Carver Threshing is here Aug. 11-13 at Jordan. The site is near the Scott County Fairgrounds, two miles west of Jordan.

Peter Senske, a 1989 graduate of Jordan High School, has accepted an offer of admission from Gustavus Adolphus College. Peter is the son of Howard and Char Senske.

The Jordan Brewers won and lost in section 3 playoff action during the past week and now will play a sudden death game tonight on the road against either Shakopee or Delano.

Jordan edged Shakopee 4-2 in Shakopee on Wednesday night and was clobbered by Maple Lake 19-1 in Jordan Monday night. At the Shakopee game, Ron Beckman had 2 hits for 3 at-bats. Maple Lake ignited 16 hits for 33 at-bats versus Jordan’s 3 hits with 25 at-bats.

Brewers vs. Dundas in the state tournament class “B” play, Saturday.

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