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Some future citizens from the 1949 Jordan Independent: (from the top, left to right) Connie Kerkow, Bobby Harper, Bobby Thoelkes, Karen Walsh, Gerald Beuch, Kathleen Hays, Richard Schultz, Doris Nielson, Ronald Deutsch, Marion Gosewisch and Helen Stang.


Aug. 20, 1896

A farm of 120 in Spring Lake Township, known as the Stewart Farm is for sale for $3,500. There is a two-story, seven room frame house, a farm, 20 acres timber and the land is meadow and pasture. The entire farm is enclosed with a barbwire fence.

G.A.R. suits that are guaranteed wool, dyed and fast colors, has just arrived and have a new line at Moses and Edelman.

H.S. Schereiner is shipping the stone of the old Foss and Wells Mill to New Prague to be used in the construction of the foundation of the mill there.

Shoemaker Waclavek has purchased the Bantz residence corner of Railway Ave and First Street and will remodel it into a comfortable home.

Barber Klemenhagen removed his tonsorial parlor to the Adams block last evening. Now the Star Barber sign swings there.

The Nicolin Elevator Company has been cleaning up the elevator and will commence to purchase wheat at the old stand in a few days.

The New Era Band of Jordan will furnish music for the Carver County Fair.

The Belle Plaine boys had a very friendly baseball game with our boys, winning 15-8.

The ninth wonder of the world: why can’t Jordan win a baseball game??

H.H. Ross, who had been operating a grocery and lunch room in the “old gravel block” for the past several months, folded his tent and silently stole away Friday.

Last evening Anton Adam left Mr. Metesnek sitting in his saloon while he went to supper. Upon returning he found the man and $3 missing from the money drawer.

About 1,500 excursionists from the Twin Cities went through here in 20 coaches over the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway to Waterville on Sunday.


Aug. 21, 1919

About half of the exhibition stalls in the cattle barn at the Jordan Scott County Fair in September have been reserved already.

Thirty-three St. Lawrence residents signed the Game Refuge petition. The groups want to propagate useful wildlife and help hunters off this land. There was considerable opposition to the petition at Saturday’s hearing. No decisions.

Beautiful summer weather has graced us this past week. Threshing operation made good progress. Nights have been cool, giving portent of an early frost, some think. The corn crop is fairly well along and farmers think it will be ripe before an early frost could do harm.

STOLEN — from auto at harvest picnic in Jordan, a brand new coat. Party is known. If returned and expense paid no prosecution, but be quick! Leave coat at Jordan Creamery or the Jordan Independent.

There has been a scarcity of sugar. It is rather awkward, especially at canning time.

That neighborly Belle Plaine-Henderson combination played the Jordan team in at Smail Field and won again, 3-1. There will be a baseball dance in the pavilion next Sunday, Aug. 24.

Maerz Bros have brought on big kerosene burning tractor and gang of three plows to facilitate their extensive farming operations.

Emil Slavic recently purchased the Mrs. Koschel residence in southtown for $2,300. Mrs. Koschel then bought in D.S. Morgan home on Helena Street for $2,300. Chas. Holler of Benedict became the owner of the former J.H. Heiland residence on Wood Street for $2,600. John Bauer, Jr has bought from Henry Fischer, the house on Fourth Street and will move the house away. Mr. Fischer will build a new home on his property.

The Harvest Picnic last week was a huge success. People came from all over. Three-hundred and fifty admissions to the dance pavilion were disposed of.


Aug. 18, 1949

Bud Bauer and Leonard Knutson of Northern State Power Company installed several standards mounted with flood lights in Fairgrounds Park one day during the week. Night softball games are now being played by several organized teams.

Jordan’s Sportsmen’s Club received delivery of 200 young pheasants which were released in the Jordan area where they have access to water and feed.

A guy-wire that was grounded, absorbed the bulk of a 7,200 volt shock, where Ed Stoldt was building an electric line extension in Waconia. Stoldt was guiding a pole attached to the guy-wire when they came into contact. The current entered Ed then arcing to a nearby fence. He received a shock but the bulk of the impact was absorbed by the guy-wire.

The Jordan Methodist Church is having a luncheon and ice cream social on Saturday, Aug. 20. Menu is chicken salad sandwich, 10 cents; potato salad 15 cents; apple pie, 15 cents; cake, 10 cents; ice cream, 5 cents per scoop; coffee, 5 cents. Sewing starts at 5 p.m.

The ninth annual Picnic of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Victor B. Langer Post 2854 Auxiliary and their families will be held Saturday, Aug. 21 at Lagoon Park in Jordan.

Get your flowers growing and plan to attend the annual Garden Club Flower Show coming to the end of this month.

Jordan Municipal Band will march in the fair parade at Waconia on Friday evening. The groups are in full uniform now.

Terry Morlock has a bicycle for sale for $10.

The Boy Scouts have finished their summer sessions at Camp Pahluca and the Girl Scouts are now enjoying the camp area.

On Jordan’s Broadway in southtown, Ben Mertz is having a drive-in restaurant built. It is based on the former Kipp Schoolhouse building, not far from town. Mr. Mertz is moving the building to what used to be Caswell Park. Workmen are busy remodeling, landscaping and arranging driveways.


Aug. 21, 1969

Jordan Public Schools will open for the 1969-70 school year Thursday, Aug. 28 for grades 1-12. The teaching staff is complete with 17 new teachers on the elementary and high school faculty who will be starting the first year in the Jordan High School.

School administration includes Fred Eimerman, superintendent; Don Tillman, high school principal; Joseph Benko, elementary principal. A total of 53 teachers, comprise the teaching staff. There are seven custodians, eight cooks and three office employees.

St. John’s parochial schools, grades 1-4, will open 1969-70 school term on Thursday, Aug. 28. The faculty include Sister M. Angelica, music; Sister Anette and Sister Mary, grade 1; Mrs. Emette and Mrs. Harold Nachbar, grade 2; Mrs. Ella Fogarty, grade 3; Sister M. William Ann, grade 3; Sister Ruth, grade 6 and principal.

Mrs. Henry Morlock presented three students in an organ recital last Thursday evening. They were Trudy Dubbe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Roger Dubbe, Joann Kulik, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ed Kulik of New Prague and Joanne McConnell, daughter of Mr and Mrs Oliver McConnell of Belle Plaine.

On Saturday at 3 p.m. the Hubmen will scrimmage Henderson and on Tuesday night at 7:30 Waconia will be here.

Countdown begins for the 1969 Minnesota State Baseball Tourney at Jordan, Aug. 38 to Sept. 7. Launching tourney zero hour is Thursday, Aug. 28 at 5 p.m.


Aug. 17, 1989

Thirteen Jordan area women will compete for the 1989 Miss Jordan title. This event is held in conjunction with the Heimatfest Celebration to be held in Jordan Sept. 9. These young women will be judged on Sunday, Aug. 20 with the final judging taking place at a dinner banquet held at Geno’s Hub that evening. Coronation will take place Sept. 9 in Lagoon Park at 7:30.

Miss Jordan candidates are Tracy Armstrong, Rose Elke, Kristi Gruetzmacher, Brenda Hartman, Marcia Kes, Lisa Koenig, Susan Laabs, Carmet Leasure, Shannon O’Brein, Angelique Rothenberg, Shannon Seaver, Laura Vinger and Kim Wermerskirchen.

Jordan Public Schools and St. John’s Parochial School this week announce their policy for free and reduced price meals and free milk for children unable to pay full price of meals or milk served under the national school lunch program.

Bloodmobile donors do it again! Jordan’s quota was 130 units of blood, actual draw was a total of 159. The following received gallon pins: 3 gallons, Annette Wick; 2 gallons, Cheryl Lansweirdt, Deborah Pauly; 1 gallon, Peggy Hartman, Deb Kochlin and Jim Colling.

The 1989 Men’s Senior Baseball State Tournament will be held Aug. 18-20 and Aug. 25-26 in Jordan and Montgomery. The Jordan Alers finished second in their division this year with a 7-5 record, walloped the tournament on Friday at 7 p.m. against a team from Osseo.

The normal potent Brewer bats were idle throughout the section 3 playoffs. After carrying a 0.34 team batting average throughout the season, the Brewers batted just 0.254 in their section games.

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