Speed limit changes

The portion of Highway 282 highlighted in yellow is the 60 mph section and the portion highlighted in green is the 45 mph section.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has made speed limit changes for a portion of Highway 282 in Scott County, according to a news release from the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.

At the end of September, the portion of roadway on Highway 282 from Minnesota Valley Electric Drive (County Road 10) outside of Jordan to the County Road 17 (Marshall Road)/Highway 13 intersection was increased from 55 to 60 mph.

The increase is the result of a state-wide, five-year MnDOT study that examined past crash rates, physical attributes of the highway, and an analysis of current driving speeds of all Minnesota two-lane roadways with a speed of 55 mph.

Another change that took place was a decrease in the speed limit from 55 to 45 mph on Highway 282 between East Street in Jordan and Minnesota Valley Electric Drive (County Road 10), the news release said.

Minnesota’s speed regulations are based on the concept that highways can operate safely at certain maximum speeds under ideal conditions. Drivers are reminded that traveling too fast for conditions, such as on snow covered or icy roads, is illegal and can be issued a citation even if they are not exceeding the posted speed limit.

“The safety of drivers is the top priority and even though speeds may go up, that doesn’t mean speed enforcement will go down,” Sheriff Luke Hennen said in the release. “Drivers will also need to be particularly mindful of the transition into this lower speed limit area, as it is now a 15 mph difference.”


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