Jordan is going full ninja.

The newly opened Grassmann Park, 1124 Stonebridge Path, in southwest Jordan is the first in the nation to feature both child and young adult ninja competition courses in the same location.

“Some people have one, some people have the other — but they don’t have them both together,” City Administrator Tom Nikunen said.

The challenge courses are inspired by NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior” program, where competitors are timed as they dash through an obstacle course that requires practiced skill and intense athleticism. Grassmann Park features two courses, one designed for kids ages 5-12, the other for ages 12 and older.

Kids have to press a button at the start of the course to initiate the timer, then dash through the course and hit the button at the end to clock their time.

“Everybody agreed that it was a neat thing to provide different play equipment and give something to the kids who aren’t into team sports so much,” Nikunen said.

The city celebrated the park with a grand opening on Saturday with special guest Leif Sundberg, the “Swedish Ninja” from American Ninja Warrior. The grand opening was the culmination of years of planning and development.

The project started when the Grassmann family approached the city with an offer to sell their land just south of the Stonebridge and Bridle Creek housing developments. The city was already looking to develop a regional park in the area and agreed to purchase the Grassmann’s old homestead land with park dedication funds.

“We had a lot of comments from those residents ... there was a lot of demand to create that regional park,” Nikunen said.

Even though the ninja competition course was designed to give kids a different type of sports activity, traditional games like soccer, football, baseball and softball will all be available at Grassmann Park when the new ball field is completed next spring.

Grassmann Park is located at 1132 Stonebridge Path and is open to the public from 6 a.m. to dusk.


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