Working in the news biz, we have to be good listeners.

Every day, we listen to your stories and we’re honored you allow us to share them with the world to spur discussion and change.

We also listen when you have feedback for us — on how we’re doing and on how we’re serving you, our reader — and that includes our website.

To all those who have called up an editor to offer a piece of anecdotal feedback about how our website works, we’ve listened. To all those who have sent an email requesting a new feature be added to our website, we’ve listened. To all those who have offered a suggestion to a reporter in passing about something we should consider trying on our website, we’ve listened and we’ve taken note.

Over the last several months, we built a new website from scratch, using your feedback to lay the groundwork and fill all the cracks in between. We also relied on data — how users find our content, how they interact with our stories and how we can deliver more of the news our readers love. Every single element of this new website was painstakingly built with our audience in mind and designed with the ever-changing digital world as a launching pad.

Our new website will launch in the coming days, and we’re proud to share it with the world.

Our new website puts more emphasis on the stories that matter to you. While the new site will continue to feature our top stories, breaking news and what’s trending from the last 24 hours, you’ll now find our best investigative work and feature stories showcased under our new section, Staff Picks. Now you’ll easily find opinion pieces written by your fellow community members, business news, obituaries and stories about entertainment happenings.

Our new website showcases news coverage from across the Twin Cities’ southwest metro region. From the city council chambers in Jordan to life around Lake Minnetonka, you’ll find it all at Plus you’ll be able to easily navigate to just the stories from your own backyard.

The website now boasts a clean design and a consistent site-wide navigation system that directs you straight to the information that matters most to you. We’ve designed the new website with mobile in mind (it is 2019, after all), and you’ll be able to navigate on your smartphone or on whatever size device you prefer.

There are a host of new elements on our site, too, including a gallery of our latest video stories and a new blue and grey color scheme to complement the release of our new logo.

We’re really proud of our new website and feel it will create the experience you’re looking for.

Rachel Minske is the digital content coordinator at Southwest News Media and can be reached at 952-345-6679 or Southwest News Media owns eight community newspapers in the southwest metro of the Twin Cities, including the Chanhassen Villager, Chaska Herald, Eden Prairie News, Jordan Independent, Lakeshore Weekly News, Prior Lake American, Savage Pacer and Shakopee Valley News.

Digital content coordinator

Rachel Minske is the digital content coordinator at Southwest News Media. She's passionate about in-depth reporting and digital audiences. Rachel is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and enjoys cooking, running and exploring Minnesota.


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