One of the reasons I accepted the request to write a recurring commentary for the Jordan Independent was because I have long felt that people in this town fail to express themselves in letters to the editor. One of my goals was/is to encourage people to write to the JI, and say what they think, or what they say to their neighbors over the back fence and in the supermarket aisle.

Several people have responded to commentaries I’ve written. Sometimes the response has been a left-handed compliment, and sometimes, as in the case of last week’s letter to the editor, it’s been disagreement with something I wrote.

Either way, thank you for sharing! Freedom of speech, and freedom of the press are useless rights if you don’t exercise them.

Now, to respond to that letter, first a little clarification. My posts are commentary — opinion, if you will. They are not paid reportage. You’re entitled to your opinion. So am I.

I’ve been following the City Council since 2008, was on the Council from 2010 to 2014, and attend most Council meetings. Is there something wrong with that? I started publishing on Nov. 11, 2008. Looking at 2013, there were 35,763 viewers. I last posted there April 5, 2017.

I avidly watch football, baseball, and basketball on TV or via streaming media. Does that make me Vince Lombardi? Nah.

Have I nothing better to do than write these opinion pieces? Well, I’m working on my third book. I think that’s important, but it’s fun too. The commentaries are something I think I need to do. The commentaries, by the way, run every two to three weeks. Not weekly.

And I try my best to not spread misinformation. I hope anyone seeing misinformation in my commentaries will either provide me with full and correct information, or publish full and correct information in a commentary. It’s not enough to accuse. Proof is required.

I wonder where anyone gets the idea I don’t want an ambulance service in town. I certainly never said that. My commentary about Leading Questions was written on April 15 of this year. In it I said whoever wrote the questions stacked the deck. One very long breath later, on Aug. 12, I wrote that we could get very complete wage summary information from The League of Minnesota Cities for a measly $650. I don’t care where the information comes from. I care about the $8,350 in taxpayer money wasted to get information that’s readily available from other sources. And I wonder where the letter writer gets the idea I don’t want Jordan city employees paid fairly and equitably. What I said was, we should pay what we can afford.

Run for City Council? No. I’m too old, and no longer have the stamina to conduct a decent campaign. But thanks for the suggestion. People stop me in parking lots, too. Usually they say “Thanks, Thom” or “Keep it up.”

About that information, just so you know, I get it from many places and people. Everything I write is based on public information. Friends and family often suggest topics. No one tells me what to write.

And to the letter writer, mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery. Thank you. One thing though, cite your source.

The Quote: “Going around under an umbrella interferes with one’s looking up at the sky.”- Jerzy Kosinski

Thom Boncher is a retired marketing communications manager, former Jordan City Council member, and Jordan resident since Valentine’s Day, 2003.


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