It has been said the impeachment proceedings are a waste of taxpayer money. What’s truly a waste of our money is all of the millions and millions of dollars spent on travel and security detail while this president plays golf. At his own properties. These impeachment proceedings are unfortunately necessary to investigate some of the many inappropriate things he has allegedly done. And it goes beyond golf. This is not a waste of time because holding a president to the standards set up in the constitution is a basic part of making sure that future presidents also respect the rule of law and proper use of power.

Fourteen thousand people have died in Ukraine fighting the Russians who have invaded their country. Our own U.S. Congress approved funds to help them. However, from first-hand witnesses, we now know our very own president tried to pressure the leader of that besieged country by delaying this vital aid. When he asked for a “favor” that would help his 2020 reelection, our president tried to put the squeeze on a foreign government to help him win a second term. It must be established officially that this was not only wrong but also a crime and that it will not be tolerated — ever again — by any future American president. Containing Russian expansion is in the best interest of our own country. Turning aid into a back-channel reelection tool is not.

And as for the argument that “The 2020 election is so soon that we should just wait,” I don’t agree because any remaining time — in any president’s term — is an opportunity to continue with his or her past performance. Secondly, a line has to be drawn and a standard of law-abiding presidential actions and behavior must be upheld for any future president — of any party. You wouldn’t let a child run through your house with a flaming torch and so, it is unacceptable to allow the fire danger to just keep going and repeating through a four-year term. It has to be stopped.

Of course he must be impeached. And removed from office. For the future of our democracy, he must be sent away, as a statement to future leaders that the office of president of the United States shall not be used for personal gain. It’s a matter of precedent. It is already abundantly clear that he has abused his office for his own benefit and I believe he has done so on many fronts. He is not a king. He is not above the law.

He has gained financially by promoting his hotels and golf clubs while in office. He promised that this would not be the case but on it goes. Even worse, money has flowed directly to his pockets from numerous foreign leaders at these places; this is forbidden by our constitution which states in black and white that it is against the law.

Diplomats and career officers have risked their careers to come forward with the truth but this president has blocked people in his government from providing additional information and testimony which could shed light on the details of all these many things, while he also refuses the scrutiny of his financial records and tax returns. There are surely facts that he wants to keep secret — why else? And what secrets?

Which brings me to respond to the point that’s so often made, which is that his opponents just “can’t get over” the fact that he won the office. Well, of course we can’t get over it — and we rightly shouldn’t. To begin with, 3 million more Americans voted for his opponent than for him. Start there. Three million Americans who heard his bluster and his ignorance all throughout the campaign and we feared the worst. And the worst is coming to pass before our very eyes. It is our patriotic duty to resist this man as he forges ahead with his self-dealing, his disrespect for science, for women, for the rule of law, his shocking and ungodly separation of children from their parents. The list is so long that one newspaper couldn’t even print it all. What he has done to our values and our standing in the world has surpassed the nightmares we foresaw when the electoral college put him as the winner. And so many of his actions benefit Russia to the detriment of the U.S. that we must ask ourselves why this could ever be allowed to continue. Russia has been our country’s enemy — and for good reason.

A president of the United States raises his hand and swears to uphold the constitution and to work for all of the American people, not just himself, not just the richest among us and not according to his passing whim.

It is far past time to get this unfit man out of office and, by so doing, make a statement to the world and to future presidents that blatant self-dealing, obstruction of justice and abuse of power do not and will not fly in this country. Allegiance to a president has to stop when the oath no longer means anything to the very man who holds the top office. It’s not pleasant but impeachment is now a necessary evil.

A native of Minnesota, Peggy Jo Dunnette has lived and traveled extensively abroad but has had a love affair with Scott County for the past 30 years, riding horses and enjoying nature. She’s a resident of Jordan.

South regional editor

Deena is the regional editor for Shakopee, Jordan, Prior Lake and Savage and is passionate about uncovering the truth. Deena also enjoys gardening, playing tennis and up-cycling furniture.


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