Once again, right here, at the start of this commentary, please note, I’m not endorsing or repudiating any candidate from any party, for any office. I hope we’re clear on that.

Two weeks ago I put out a challenge to all candidates who will appear on the ballot in Jordan in November.

I asked them to tell us on their Facebook page, or website how they would split a tax dollar in an ideal situation. I told them I would publish their website or Facebook links this week, so voters would be able to make an informed decision about whether the candidates’ ideals corresponded to their own.

I asked them to respond by Friday, Sept. 4, so I could vet their answers, and get them into the JI on the 10th.

Today, as I write this, is Sept. 7. I have not received any responses from any candidates.

One wonders why?

Some candidates will say they don’t have, or can’t afford websites or Facebook pages. Ummm, FB is free. And websites can be had for probably less that $50. And if you don’t have time now, will they have time for meetings, and talking to constituents?

Some candidates will say they haven’t had time. Yes, well . . . filing for office closed on Aug. 11. And I would expect candidates would have figured out what they want to do before filing.

Some candidates will say they are pragmatists who deal with the world the way it is, not the way they wish it would be. In other words, their ideals are less important than which way the wind is blowing.

But most disturbing (to me, at least) is that some candidates won’t say anything. Do they not want voters to know what their ideals are? Do they not care about voters and issues enough to make their ideals known. Do they not much care if they win or lose? (In which case, why are they running?)

I’m waiting to see who among this crop of candidates will spend the time and energy to put flyers on my doorknob. One wonders if any candidate will rise above platitudes and politispeak, to address real concerns of real voters. Of course, one also wonders how many real voters will be hornswoggled by the politispeak.

A candidate who puts up four lawn signs doesn’t give a spit if he or she is elected. A candidate who puts up zero lawn signs? Is the fact that you went to high school with someone valid reason to vote for that person?

So there you have it. If you’re expecting endorsements for any specific candidate – nope – not here. Nor in any future commentary. I’m not going to repudiate any candidates either. Sadly, I’m having as much trouble as anyone trying to figure out who stands for what.

The Quote: “My brother Bob doesn’t want to be in government — he promised Dad he’d go straight.” -John F. Kennedy

Thom Boncher is a retired marketing communications manager, former Jordan City Council member and Jordan resident since 2003.


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