This is to "thank and recognize" the Good Samaritan from Carver who came to my rescue on Friday, July 12 at 4:45 in the afternoon traffic on the Carver road. I was returning home to Jordan after a chiropractic treatment and heard an unusual car noise. I stopped at the bottom of the hill and …

We are again so grateful. The Jordan Post Office letter carriers would like to thank the residents for an outstanding food drive. Many things made it a success. Jordan residents were very generous with their donations. The volunteers worked hard collecting and organizing the donations under …

If I was considering boarding my horse at a stable, I'd want to find out everything I could about how it was being run. If there was a report that had been written about it, I'd want to know what it said. I wouldn't be content with a four-page summary written by a person hired by the stable …

In my long career with the Scott County Sheriffs’ Office, including retiring after 13 years of being the chief deputy sheriff, I have had the privilege and honor to associate with some very professional and dedicated law enforcement officers from many different agencies.

I really want Angie Craig to be our next U.S. representative because I have twin daughters and I'm very concerned about their health care, among other things. They're still on my own insurance policy so I see the costs involved and I worry that they will opt out if I take them off my policy.


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