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The recent column by Tim Reckmeyer did a very good job of highlighting the urgency of the climate crisis and that the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is the best first step to tackle the issue. But I want to stress to readers of this paper that addressing climate change is going to be good for our economy. For too long the lie that it was going to be too expensive and would hurt the economy has been spread by those who are profiting off of the status quo. I have been driving an electric car for years now and it is saving me money every day. Wind and solar energy are now cheaper than coal or gas and getting cheaper every day. Building out the renewable energy infrastructure is going to provide lots of good paying jobs. Cleaning up our air is going to save us money on medical bills and improve the overall health of the country.

Conversely the cost of not addressing climate change will be enormous. More wild fires. More destructive weather events. More sea level rise. Large areas of the planet virtually uninhabitable for humans. Leaving our children with this problem is immoral and unthinkable.

With an economy reeling from the pandemic we need this bill to pass to help us recover. This is the kind of national project that is absolutely a win-win situation. Please contact your elected representatives and urge them to support the EICDA.

Charlie Hautman