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For well over one year the taxpayers of Scott County have been subject to the unconstitutional and wrongheaded actions of our governor and his one man rule-by-decree. The business crushing, job killing, education robbing, life-sucking policies of the governor have only been allowed to continue due to the absence of action and leadership from Rep. Tony Albright and many other so-called Republicans. Where is the fight in our representation?

Our representation is MIA in St. Paul and the people of Scott County are worse off for it. Small business closures are still near the pandemic highs of 23% according to John Stanford, co-executive director of the Small Business Roundtable during a recent interview with CNBC. As reported by WalletHub, jobless claims in Minnesota were up over 120% year over year, January 2020, as compared to January 2021. Our children have been pushed to online or part-time learning, severely compromising the quality of their education and threatening their lifetime outcomes. Minnesotans have been ordered to isolate, starving us of the very thing that makes us human. As a result, depression among U.S. adults has more than tripled during the pandemic.

While you lose your small business, job, education, friends, family, quality of life, and quite possibly your sanity, the people we elected to represent us remain complicit with one man’s rule by decree. It is time for action, call on Tony Albright to put an end to the governors’ emergency powers by signing onto HR 2, the Impeach Walz Bill (introduced by Rep. Erik Mortensen of Shakopee). Tony thus far has refused to sign on. We need representation that will represents us, and not just their selfish political aspirations. Call or email Tony and ask him if he will fight for you?

Dale Even

Prior Lake